Comprehensive notes by PMZilla Members.


Generous PMZilla members have shared their learnings and notes, which may be very valuable for some of you. Please see the attachments below.

  1. Chowdary's Notes, later on modified by Anil
  2. Prashin's ITTO Chart for printing on 17X11 legal size sheet
  3. Rajesh Nair Notes ( Enhanced from Chowdary's Notes )  --- Excellent
  4. Abhishek's version of Rajesh Nair's notes has some extras added , including tips, cheatsheat.
  5. Anil Kumar Tanguturi has collected and compiled an excellent sheet of all PMP mathematics and forumlas.




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@Chowdary: Thanks for your Notes.

Alot of hard work has been done on the Notes and I personally appreciate the Important Points, I guess they are very important for the PMP Exam, They are kind of PMIisms which is very important for every aspirant to know before appearing in the PMP exam.

I feel like the whole PMBOK is condenced in this Excel Sheet.

Good Job Done.

Thanks Chowdry and PMZILLA.


Kind regards,

The PMP Guru.


Thank you very much Chowdary, you compiled it very nicely, this will help whoever is preparing to appear the exam. Thanks to PMZilla for bringing such bright minds together. Awesome!! 

Good job. I could understand how much effort has gone in preparation of this notes. Best part in the notes

is, you have mentioned the importance / use of some of the inputs / tools, for a process.

This truly l be a good one and useful for all PMP aspirants.



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Dear All,

Thank you very much.

We are observing so many aspirants are downloading the Notes.

Please give your feedback through PMZilla. It will be helpful for others.


Lakshmi VR Chowdary A, PMP 

thank you for posting this. I have printed it off and carry it with me. It is a great tool reference to refer to for impromptu study sessions. Also it is useful since the information is not just from the PMBOK.


I am planning to take my exam ASAP. Do you have printable copy of these notes?.

It's hard time for me to pring these notes. Can you please forward me Printable copy of these notes?


Your timely help is really appreciated.




Were you able to get a printable version of the notes? I have tried everthing to customize the notes to print to study while I travel for work-- if you do may you please share

I take my exam Oct 24th-- this site has been the best thing next to Rita's book!

Thank You

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Dear Lakshmi

I think the compilation helps in going through everything quickly.  Its a great thing to print and carry around, esp. when you are getting used to PMP terms and also as final reference before the exam. I am sure many people will find this helpful




I am getting hard time printing your notes from excel. Please email me printable file in pdf I will appreciate your help.


Thank you.



Dear Sir,

      Can you Please provide us the notes updated with PMBOK5 changes. Thanks.




The notes are great, but it's not aligned to PMBOK5, did any one ipdated, Please share for other members benefit, it saves lot of time and helps immensely.

Hats off for those who prepared initila version.

Great material.

Hi Chowdary ,

your notes is really impressive !!!


I am wondering if you have an updated version complying with PMBOK5 changes




Can you please share the notes which aligned with PMBOK 5th Edition.

Thank You.

I modified the exiting ITTO for PMBOK v4 to alling with PMBOK v5 and send admin at pmzilla dot com to post it. Hope it will help someone in the process of studying for the PMP.

Can you send the updated version to me at

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Probably this is the most comprehensive document, I ever came across. Great Job Lakshmi




Hi Just started the studying, these notes will seriously help. Thanks a lot

Very Nice Work......Thank You Very Much......Ray

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Thank you for sharing these. Your help to aspiring PMP's is honorable.

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Thanks Chowdary for the Comprehensive Notes.

Great reference compilation. Its a single point of reference for my revisions. My personal thanks to Mr Chowdary for preparing such an awesome summarized version of PMBOK 4th edition. Also, I thank Prasin for saving my time to compile the ITTO list for my reference. These two artifacts will certainly help any PMP aspirant in their preparation. Thanks again.

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Dear All,

Thank you very much for your feedback on my notes.

Wish you all the best.

Lakshmi VR Chowdary Adusumilli, ITIL (F), PMP

Program Manager, Al Ahli Holding Group, UAE.

Hello there, I read one of your post and learnt that you could not succeed in your first attempt. Could you please tell me your experience and how long you took for second attempt.

I just don't want to take a chance but would like to know if there is any diffrence in the recognition between completing PMP in 1st attempt or 2nd attept.

Please let me know your thoughts and I appreciate if I can send you a personal email.



 There is no difference 

chowdary2104's picture


Hi Mr. Ganesh,
Sorry for late reply.
Nothing has been mentioned that I have cleared in Second Attempt.
I felt very happy to clear it in my second attempt, why because, I got much more knowledge on all Process Groups and Knowledge Areas. At that time, I have prepared this notes.
My sincere advice to you is, go ahead with 4 Exams and practice. You should get at around 80%. These questions are near to the real exam.
Wish you all the best.
Lakshmi VR Chowdary A, ITIL, PMP

 Hi Chowdary,

I'm Balaji a PMI member planning to take PMP by next month, I tried downloading the XL file,but could not find the right file google docs states that it could not open the file.


can you please send me a downloadable copy of the notes 

my mail id is or if you can share a downloadable copy on PMZila that will be fine too.


Thanks a bunch,

Balaji Santhanam



Hi Guys,

I really appreciated this as it helped my pass the exam and it was a valuable resource. I created the chart included in here I hope you you guys find it useful. 

Dear Choudary,

Please share with us on how to memorize the Inputs , Tools and Techniques and Outputs. if you have used

some mnemonic to remember do share with us.

Thank you,



chowdary2104's picture


Hi Madhu,

I didn't use mnemonic to remember. Just I have taken my notes printout on A4 front and back and folded and kept in my pocket and gone through those now and then.

Please go through those, you can find some sort of order in it. I made it as per my understanding of ITTOs. You can change it as per your understanding. But at the time of reading, follow the same order and recollect the reason behind the order. Then they are all in your mind.

Please don't under estimate ITTOs, it carries 50% pass marks. I came to know this point after my unsuccessful first attempt.

Wish you all the best.

Lakshmi VR Chowdary A, ITIL (F), PMP

Program Manager, Al Ahli Holding Group, UAE.

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Good Job Mr. Rajesh Nair,

This is what I have informed all our PMP aspirants to work on your own way by taking my notes as a small platform. Excellent.

I hope some more people will come up with their Notes as well.

And we are all very much thankful to Admin for serving PMP aspirants through PMZilla.

All the best...

Lakshmi VR Chowdary A, ITIL (F), PMP,

Program Manager, Al Ahli Holding Group, UAE.


You have done excellent job on preparing such docs. Hats off to you!

- S P

I troed downloading the PMP Notes - Rajesh Nair.xlsx, but it is a zip file and has lot on xml files....can you guide on how to use this file?

I troed downloading the PMP Notes - Rajesh Nair.xlsx, but it is a zip file and has lot on xml files....can you guide on how to use this file?

Rajesh, it worked.  What was the study plan you followed?


Gaurav, I have put my study plan at:


Don't know how, but by default that file is opening as a .ZIP file. So while saving the file, please change .ZIP extension and SAVE file as "PMP Notes - Rajesh Nair.xlsx", then it will not store any xml files.

It stores xml files only when you OPEN or SAVE that file as a .ZIP file.

Please save that file as .xlsx file and that problem will be resolved.

Rajesh Nair

admin's picture

Apologize for the delay. Please check now it should download fine.

Hi Rajesh and PMzilla

I have just started for PMP preparation and I found PMzilla very helpful for beginers!!

On the top of that a buddy like you who is open to share, such a lovely heart !!

Hats of to you and pmzilla for helping people like us who wish to crack it like you did.


Keep it up Man





Thank you very much for your feedback on my notes.

Wish you all the very best for PMP prep.


Rajesh Nair

Hi folks,

Congratulations to all who passed the exam and huge thank you for those who did an exceptional job putting the notes.

I have some problems while trying to print the notes.

Are there any instructions how to print Rajesh Nair Notes? Tried playing around with the page setups but no luck so far, unable to fit all the text per sheet into a page. Can anyone print it into a PDF and upload it here?

Thank you.

Same here. Great notes Indeed. However, unable to take a print of. Can some body help us out please.

Any luck for any one in Printing the notes.


One way of printing my notes would be (there can be other better options though):

1. Open the Notes in MS Excel 2007
2. Under the Print menu, select Print preview
3. In the Print Priview mode, select "Page Setup"
4. In "Page Setup", set the Orientation as "Landscape"
5. Set the Scaling as: Fit to: 1 page(s) wide by 3 tall
6. Set the Paper size as A4
7. Print the sheets

With this you would be able to print the sheets...the font size may be small, but still it should be readable. 

 Hope this helps.

-Rajesh Nair


I will be writing the pmp in May and this notes will be invaluable to me.

Thanks so much


Can anyone help me i am able to open above given .xls files ( Rajesh Nair's notes). it shows me that those have been corrupted however ITTO.xls is working fine.

my exam on 3rd may.



Even today I checked the Notes, there is no problem in opening the Notess.

All you have to do is, right click on the link and select 'Save Target As..' option and save it on to your machine. It should work fine.

-Rajesh Nair

Can anyone tell that which one of the notes attached is better for studying ?


i.e. either PMP Comprehensive Notes - Chowdary.xls or PMP Notes - Rajesh Nair.xls ?


as both seems to have many things common... so which one to study only ?

Great Materials.. Thanks for sharing mate !