Completed PMP on 11th Aug with 3 MP ,1 P, 1 BP

Hi All,

  I am PMP certified on 11th Aug.

Here are my learnings.

1. First read Rita to understand the concepts

2. PMBOk is mandatory and you will get some questions directly from here.

3. Practising exams is key for sucess. I bought exams from Cornelius Fichtner PMP simulator

4. Please target minimun 50 questions per hour, otherwise you will run out of time in the exam

important concepts

1. Seven basic quality tools(It is clearly explained in Rita), Cost of quality

2. Team forming stages

3. Integrated change control

4. Types of contracts situational

5. Formuales(You should get min 90% in mathematical questions in the exam ), Earnerd value management, N/W diagram questions, Weighted average(PERT), Number of communication channels.

6.Few IITO questions directly.

7. Human resource management, Staffing management plan



Sumati Madana







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Congratulations on your PMP. Thanks for posting here.


Only a PMP certified person is aware of the amount of hard work and effort involved in earning this credential so please renew your certificate before the renewal becomes tough.

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