Communications mgmt knowledge area question about lessons learned

Lessons learned should contain:

A.  The collective wisdom of the team
B.  Feedback from the customer as to what you could have done better
C.  Information to be used as an input into administrative closure
D.  Analysis of the variances that occurred from the project's baseline


Please also briefly explain.


Thank you.

Lessons learned is documented at the end of each phase or project.  Project Team is not released until the LL is documented.  PM can not capture all the lessons and document to help next project's success all by himeself/herself and he/she needs the collective wisdom of the team to put together everyone's experience.  So choice A is the best one.

Now let us reinforce our selection by proving that the other options are either outrightly wrong or much weaker than option A.

Option B: Customer feedback is a small part, may/may not be available- will not cover what went right/wrong through out the 5 PMBOK Processess from initiation to Closing as he/she is not privy to all that went background b4 he/she finally receives the final product/service.  Important but not exhaustive, not authoritative, not hands-on gained experience/expertise that the future projects can use to avoid pitfalls and do things right the first time.

Option C.  Information to be used as an INPUT into administrative closure - Out rightly wrong.  LLs of previous (similar) project(s) are input for the current project and LLs of current project are Output of Closing Process.

Option D.  Analysis of the variances that occurred from the project's baseline - outrightly wrong.  Variance Analysis is a T&T of M&C Process - It is neither a T& T nor an Output of Closure process.   LLs is an output of Closing Process.  Whatever we learned out of Variance Analysis, we apply to the 3 triple constraints (Scope, Time and Cost) to fix the issues and ofcourse we document LLs & implemented  due to variance analysis -a small by product.



Lessons learned should always include causes of variance, reasoning behind the corrective action. Whatever lessons learned should be useful for few projects/phases

Here is the explanation:

This is important! Lessons learned focuses on variances from the plan and what would be done differently in the future in order to avoid those variances.
I missed it too.