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Can any one of you explain that in case of questions related to "Number of communications channels      (N*N-1/2)", whether project manager should be included?

Why I am asking this because I tried a few online questions, and found that some of them did't include PM in communication channel calculation. Moreover, it is not explicitly asked or explained in the question.

I think PM should be included since PM is one of the communication contributor. But when I counted PM in calculations, it didn't match any of the answer choices. 

Just want a view on this.




I think your right. According to the book, the formula is to determine the number of communication channels between stakeholders. 'n' is number of stakeholders.

And as per the definition of stakeholder, the PM is a stakeholder as he is actively involved in the project, his interests are +'vely / -'tively affected and he exerts influence over the project and its deliverables.

If you check Rita's 7th edt. She says is number of people. But when in doubt the BOK over-rules everyone.


Hope this helps


This is more a question on english language understanding skills and applying common sense. Regardless of the scenario given the formula remains the same i.e. (n*(n-1)/2).

The confusion is always on “n” i.e. stakeholders whether to take n, or (n+1) or (n-1). When you get this question, use your English understanding skills more than PM skills. See 2 examples:

(1) You are a project manager and you have a team of 6 members….
(2) A project has team of 8 members….

Here is how you need to find out the value of “n”
(1) Reading the question and applying basis English understanding skills, we can make out that the PM is not included in the 6 members and hence in this case “n” becomes 7.
(2) This questions says that project has 8 members and hence “n” will remain as 8.

The short story is - PMP exam tests your English reading and understanding skills and not always you need to know PM concepts to apply in all PMP questions. Please do not confuse what “this and that” author says. Just believe in you and use common sense to solve such questions.

Saket, PMP

 Agree with second comment, We need to carefully read the question. It should be Englist language understanding.