Communication Channel Calculation_Need help

John is in charge of a project that deals with laying out a lavish 18 hole golf course.The project work is in progress. He also has a number of contractors working on the project. Being an experienced manager, he knows that communication is key to success of the project. He has identified 10 stakeholders with whom he needs to communicate. Due to some internal and external organizational changes at the client end, three new stakeholders have been added with whom he needs to communicate with. He also had to reduce one of the contractors with whom he were communicating. How many communication channels does he has now?
A. 45
B. 78
C. 91
D. 66


WHich one will be the right answer and why. Please help me to understand.

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The answer would be C 91..   the new stakeholders identified = 10  and another 3 would get added after some changes at client end =13  .. As PM is communicating with 13 stakeholders..add him to the channel  10 + 3 + 1 == 14..  


Do NOT confuse with the below the PM was communicating with other stakeholders which are already part of the project.  This will not be part of current channels which are going to be identified.

""He also had to reduce one of the contractors with whom he were communicating""


Hence the total CC will be 14*13/2 = 91


I did not understand,Why we are not redducing one stakeholder.

Please help me to understand.



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Hi All,

Here is my understanding of the question.

John is the PM of Golf Course Project which is already in progress with X no of stakeholders. He identifies 10 new Stakeholders and additional of 3 more due to client request/changes.  He also had to reduce one stakeholder with whom he was communicating earlier...(Here is the catch... The statement says John had to remove one stakeholder not has to...This means the stakeholder was already been removed from communication before the 10 + 3 were identified.  Unless I am reading it wrong....
Hence, the answer...10 + 3 + 1  = 14 
Can you confirm the source of this question and answer specified?

Your explanantion definitely make sense..