communicating changes to stakeholders


I have answered as A whereas correct answer is given as C

Can someone explain the logic

 it is appropriate to inform only concerned SHs only.

All SHs , means all customers, suppliers, sellers clients, employees etc, do you feel is it necessary to inform them.



Below is the explanation:-

  • Preventive action is taken for anticipated variances.
  • Corrective action is taken for already occurred variances.
  • Team member has already made a mistake.
  • This mistake might have introduced a variance from your scope baseline.
  • So, Project Manager needs to take a corrective action and not preventive action.


  • Not all your stakeholders are concerned about every change in the Project.
  • You don't want to flood your stakeholders with unnecessary information. 
  • So, you should communicate the changes only to the concerned stakeholders.

So, the best answer is C.


Hemant, PMP



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 Good explaination Hemant

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Hemant, PMP

Thank You Hemanth for a very good explanation. Thanks once again