convert from 3rd to 4th edition..

Dear all..

 I have studied on the third edition 7 months ago but didn't pass the exam, so now I want to try again as it's the 4th edition now..

should I study the 4th edition from zero? any suggestion regarding the differences, how to study, books recommendations, what to focus on..


I strongly believe you will have to. 

I also started to study from the 3rd edition but didn't take the exam until after the 4th edition came out, so I had to start studying from the begining once the 4th edition came out.

Many of the definitions are going to be the same, but the processes changed quite a bit.  What you studied from the 3rd edition will not go to waste.  If you understood everything well, it will help you assimilate the content of the 4th edition faster.  Use it as a resource, but don't let it guide you.

Good luck! 

I too started out studying the 3rd edition, but because of my audit, I couldn't get scheduled before the end of June '09.  TSChang is absolutely correct; what you learned from the 3rd edition will not go to waste but you will need to focus on the concepts and not the specifics.  A number of questions on my test had both the 3rd edition as well as the 4th edition be prepared.