Question on PM Plan Updates & Change Requests


I am taking my PMP exam soon, but I have one area that I feel I am not fully getting yet.

Based on my undestanding, the moment we arrive at the Direct & Manage Project Execution process we have already baselined the PM plan. So any change to the plan should go through a formal change request. If so, then how come that one of the outputs of the Direct & Manage Project Execution is PM plan updates IN ADDITION to change requests. Shouldn't it be only change requests, and then if these requests are approved in the Perform Integrated Change Control process only then would the PM plan be updated?

So I find it understandable that PM plan update is output of Perform Inegrated Change Control, but cannot really understand why it is an output to Direct & Manage Project execution...

Thanks in advance..

It sounds like you're thinking too hard about this. An output of D&M Proj Exec can be a change request. It can also be the result of a change request, which ultimately becomes an update to the PM plan. Think of them as seperate things. At any one point in time, an output could be a change request, and an update to the PM plan as a result of a completely different previously approved change request.