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Can anybody help me please to solve this question with detail.

You are estimating the cost for the website development work package. Most likely the cost will be $1,000. However, there is a chance it can cost as much as $ 1,800 or as little as $500. What is the best estimate for work package ?

A. $1,050

B $1,100

C $1,000

D $3,300

Answer is "A", but i don’t understand how its come.

Ans should be A.

Using the formula for PERT = P+4M+O/6 = (500 + 4* 1000+ 1800)/6=1050

Thanks for update. but i am still in little bit confusion how you determine from the question that P = 500 and O = 1800.

M = 1000 its understood.

Low end of the range is pessimitic = 500, high end is optimistic 1800.

 It says Cost, therefore,

low end is Optimistic = 500  &

High end is pessimistic = 1800


Thanks for assistance, now its clear and understandable.