Anyone planning to take PMP in December2013?


Is there anyone who is planning to take PMP in Dec-2013? I just want to gather some information  and gain some confidence as to understand if I am on the right track.

Kindly reply !


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 Feel free to post your questions here.... and you can also follow PMP Video Channel 


I am taking the exam on December 9th.. is my ID..


 Hi, how is your study progress? Have you gone through all knowledge areas? Finished any books or review materials? Thanks

Is there 2020 version of the reviewers? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Arushi

Yes I do have planned on 6 Jan 14.

Waiting to get Christmas Vacation to give some full length tests.

I am getting average 70-85 in mock tests.



I am appearing for the test on January month if you have any doubts feel free to ask my id

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