Cleared test this evening...15th Aug

Wanted to thank pmzilla members for sharing their LL as I used tnose a lot to improve my study plan...

Test itself was not very difficut or confusing, may be the mock exams helped in solving it :)

I will post detailed LL later, but yes PMBOK is the key...

Thanks again :)

Dear Deepti:


Congratulations! I was expecting a mail from you yesterday but due to torrential rain the braodband was not working.


As stated earlier, I am appearing in Calcutta on 08.30.11. I am little heavy now as you say that PMBOK is the key where as I have not read PMBOK at all barring a few :(


I am only reading Rita, Head 1st and questions from uCertify. I dont know what will happen, however, the only silver linining in the cloud has been the 74/100 on the Prometric test that I got almost a week back.


I am doing well on the initiation part, however, PTM and PCM (thanks to Rita) still gives me heebie-jeebies.


Anything specfic that you might want to mention to a person who is on the brink.




Thank Vishal!!

Don't feel bad, you have lot of time to prepare.

As per my experience, actual test was not very confusing and elimination was easier. But trust me PMBOk is something you should study seriously, and after you have basics it actually becomes pretty interesting. I read Rita in June and opened it only to do the questions towards the end.

I did a reading of PMBOk (as you would read a novel)in June and then started reading online material and stuff. But after my first mock test I realized that PMBOK needs a thorough reading, and for last 15 days I referred PMBOK for all the questions that I had doubt on or did wrong in mock tests.

In fact in last 3 days I read 5-6 chapters again from the PMBOK, as I missing questions on Procurement, HR and Risk areas. Actually any line from PMBOK can come as question/option.

Here is what I did:

1. did 5-6 mock tests (headfirst, exam central, oliver, pm study, road trip etc), and I was scoring 80-85% in those except Oliver in which I scored 76%.

2.  Marked and reviewed all the questions I had difficulty in answering irrespective whether I got them right or wrong.

3. Referred to PMBOK and went through the chapters as and when needed.

4.Even I was getting jittery towards the end, but once I started the exam it was a breeze. 

5. I didn't memorize ITTO, tried to understand the logic and I think I got it fine, as I scored Proficient in all except initiation and code of ethics. Actually if you attempt questions logically, elimination was easy. In certain questions I wasn't sure of the right option, but I knew 3 that were completely wrong.

6. There were lot many questions from HR and Risk, do read all the tools over there and understand them. 

I prepared off and on for 2.5 months, but last 15 days I spent 4-5 hours every day.

Hope it helps, let me know if you have any specific question.