Exam on Aug 25th..getting 65-68% in practice tests..should i take the exam?

 Hi guys,

I have my exam scheduled for Aug 25th and I feel I'm not fully prepared. I'm getting 65-68% in practice tests. I have only done the PM prepcast, scanned through PMBOK and practiced about 1500 practice exam questions. No Rita, no Andy Crowe.

Ideally I would have rescheduled the exam for end of Sept and read/studied more. But, I want to take the exam before the format changes on Aug 31st. You guys  think I should take a chance and give the exam before Aug 31st...or just postpone it and not worry about the new format? What additionalstudy/ preparation will I have to do to prepare for the new format?

Thank you


Hi Jimmy,

You keep the tempo on and you still have 12 days time!

What I understand from other PMZilla members is - 

As long as you are at >=75% in the practice tests you should be ready for the exam.

You can certainly improve your percentage with the following tips -

(1) Read PMBOK cover to cover - 3 times. Make good use of weekends for this. Try to do recite/read aloud because certain concepts will get into your head.

(2) Procure Rita and read it. It hardly takes 5 days. If you start this saturday, you should be able to finish by next saturday. (Skim PMBOK after reading Rita)

(3) Refer to the chowdary notes in PMZilla. Read it aloud or write the important points.

(4) Be in a position all the 42 processes (43 page in PMBOK)

(5) Put efforts in remembering the ITTOs. Pnemonics are given in PMZilla.

(6) Try to memorise ITTOS for Risk and Procurement areas.

(7) Write all the formulas and practice questions to those.

(8) Understand PMStudy is close. So try to attempt all the tests.

(9) Go through Oliver 75/175 questions test.

(10) You can also try PMzilla questions (200)

Read PMBOK Glossary, Make notes of the error questions/answers and do read them again where the gaps!

I am sure this will put you in a bracket of 75% and you will definitely get through the exam.

PMP Aspirant.







 Thanks PMP_Aspirant for your advice. I am doing my best to give the exam on Aug 25th now. 



As mentioned just keep the Tempo .. if your consistent with the scores, i'm sure you would be able to crack the main exam... The only quick pill for you would be practise, practise and practise.


Learn from your mistakes and keep re-visiting the PMBOK


I too had scores between 65-70% in the practise tests, but the catch is that you cannot totally rely on the free or simulated test ... if you are consistent at 65-70% you need to be a bit careful during the main Test, but definetly you would be able to clear it ... it is out of my own experience


All the Best !