Should a Project Manager be on the Change Control Board

I am taking a mock exam using the Skillsoft system my company supplies as a learning tool.

One of the questions about the creation of a Change Control Board stated that the following should be included:

The customer

The Project Manager

Project team members

Key stakeholders such as the sponsor, consultants, and other subject matter experts.

I didn't think a PM should be on the Change Control Board as the PM is typically the one submitting the Change requests and he/she obviously shouldn't be approving/rejecting their own CRs.

Any clarification as to whether the PM should/should not be on the Change Control Board would be appreciated.

" Usually there’s a change control board (CCB) that approves changes. That’s a group of people, most often including the stakeholders and sponsor, who look at the benefits of a change and figure out if it’s worth the cost. " -HFPMP

Since the PM is very much a stakeholder he can be a part of the CCB meeting

"The board may include the project manager, customer, experts,sponsor and others." - Rita

As for the PMBOK , it only provides the purpose of the CCB rather than its members. (In case I might have slipped it let me know if there is anything such that says of its members).

So overall conclusion is that the PM can be part of the CCB.