Procurement Question

Could some one please help me with this procurement concept?

You are working for a US based company. Your firm is doing some business with a company that is located in a foreign country. Some laws of doing business (wrt to that foreign company) are not legal according to laws in the United States.

Should your firm continue to do business with that company or not? I would really appreciate it if some one answer this question with some decent explanation.

Thanks in advance.

I think the key here is "some  laws" not all. I guess you could continue as long as you are not breaching any US law.

here is an example: (again you are working for an American firm)

I understand that in Japan it is customary to appreciate a person who helped you (your company) via giving some thing extra (cash/gift/etc not defined in your contract) for a job well done.

I remember that the author mentioning that you should be fine showing that extra bit of appreciation, even though it is illegal in US.

so what should you follow: "law of the land" or "law of your country" ???

A PM should not engage in any law breaking activities , PM should back out and not contiue doing business. Be it "law of the land" or "law of your country"

It's a poorly worded question and nothing like what you'll see on the test. Just remember...

The PM is Dudley-Dooright (always abides by law, protects the environment, etc.) and abides by the Starfleet Prime Directive of non-interference. Let the locals have their siestas, even if your gazillion dollar project will be late. Don't try to change the culture of a foreign country, but worship at the altar of diversity. Don't break the law. If the foreign company abides by it's laws, but the same practice is unlawful in the US (think child labor), you would not want to do business with them.