Cleared PMP in my very first attempt on 02/20/2017 !!!!!!

Hello All, 

It is indeed my turn now to return all the help that I received from this great forums in PMZilla.

I appeared for the PMP on 02/20/2017 & successful cleared the very first attempt with P, MP, BP, MP, MP & undoubtedly, I would like to thank IZenBridge, PMZest, PMZilla for my PMP success. I didn’t go through the PMBOK even once, infact didn't even touch it. 
PMZest tests, 58 page notes; IZenBridge paid videos are a MUST.

1. HeadFirst
2. All Izenbridge paid lectures
3. PMZest theory book
4. Brainy people guide to PMP- by Syed Tanvir Munavar (for sums, one stop shop- MUST)
5. PMZilla Lessons learned forum.

Practice Tests:
1. Scordo 1000 questions
2. PMZest 1200 questions (highly recommended)
3. PMZilla tough 300 questions (highly recommended)

That’s it. no PMBOK, no other books nothing at all. Just fill out the gaps from the questions you go wrong from practice tests.
DO NOT memorize any ITTOs at all, trust me. It won’t help at all, just try to understand the logic/though process behind those processes and you will be able to crack all the situational PMP questions. 
PMP exam is Situational, Situational and ONLY Situational. Make sure your concepts are super clear and transparent. & you are all set.

Good Luck everyone.

Gracias PMZilla, PMZest, IzenBridge !!!!!!

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Wow. Great to hear you cleared PMP and thanks for endorsing PMZilla questions. !!!.  

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My friend is feeling a bit pressured for PMP and I have also suggested not to memorize those ITTOs, but rather understand the concept of it. I hope she makes it. :)
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