Fail in the second time

 Hello Everybody


I am writing this topic to consult you in my case as I did everything possible but unfortunatly did not pass :(


I did read Rita twice and took the exam but not pass.  in that exam, when there was 10 minutes left, about 30 questions were needed to be answered. So managing time was bad in that practice.

 This was in last December.



I did read Rita about four times and PMBook once. I saved all equations and did alot of practice on them. In addition, I downloaded fasttrack and did about 200 questions in each knowledge area and got score between 69% to 74%, and got 73% in the Fast track simuation exam. I did alot of revision which took about 3 months.

In the exam and at the simuation period, I wrote down all equations and all ordered processes by each knowledge area. Managing time was prefect as I exactly did all questions in the given time. I believe I did about 160 guestions correct and the rest have some dout about them.

This was in the current May and got two moderate in both of initiation and closing.


However, the preparation took much time and effort. I think there is something wrong but I am not sure what is it although I feel I got very good understanding to all processes and concepts.


Any Recommedations to be taken in the third attemp.


Thank you


Practice 5-6 different mocks to check your correct level. try PMZest, PMCampus PMStudy, Oliver Lehmann mocks.

The more different types of questions you encounter in your mocks, the easier the actual test would be for you.

Also please try and achieve 75% score in mocks.

Best Luck.

Sure I will do and check all the given sources..


Thank you for ur advice


You should start with determining what happened earlier You should find out the root cause. This post will help you in finding the root cause - 15 Reasons Why People Failed the PMP Exam

Next, work on your weak areas and make a preparation strategy.

Since this would be your last attempt, I think you should hire a personal coach. He woud be able to show you the right direction.

All the best.

Definitely I will check the link .. 

Think you for sharing it..

Hi there

Sorry to hear that you didn't pass. But you have another chance to sit the exam again and pass. You should be aiming to score around 70-80% in practice exams before sitting the exam again. I believe that your scores were not enough when you sat the exam second time around. You can practice the questions provided by Pmzilla, Oliver Lehmann, or access other study material from our free app 'PMP Exam Mentor' which is a quick reference guide to learn, revise, and enhance your knowledge as it is based on PMBOK 5th edition. You can revise your knowledge with 688 flashcards and 1200 questions with explanations. In adition to the PMBOK content, we also provide 151 tips so you can learn from the experiences of experts and increase your chances of being successful in the exam. The free app is available on all platforms and you download it with the links provided below is external) is external) is external)

Good luck with your studies