failed exam

The test and book is going to change, what should I do now?

When will the new PMbok be published and what sort of stradegy should I use to pass the exam by Feb 2016?

Hi Veri - There are only some minor changes for the new syllabus post Jan 11. RMC team had already confirmed this in a 2 page PDF. There would be an updated book but with minimal changes. 

I am not aware on how to upload the pdf on here



Hi there
Sorry to hear that you didn't pass. But there is always the chance to sit the exam again and pass. If you choose to sit the exam after 11 January 2016, the exam will be slightly different since its not the book itself that is changing. The most notable changes to the PMP Exam are the new tasks added to the 5 domain groups of the PMP Exam by putting more emphasis on stakeholders. Your strategy should be to score around 70-80% in practice exams before sitting the exam again. You can practice the questions provided by Pmzilla, or access other study material from our free app 'PMP Exam Mentor' which is a quick reference guide to learn, revise, and enhance your knowledge as it is based on PMBOK 5th edition. You can revise your knowledge with 386 flashcards and 770 questions. The free app is available on all platforms and you download it with the links provided below
Good luck with your studies