Cracked PMP..

HI All,

Finally I have cleared PMP yesterday..

Thanks to all of you who have posted their comments.. it was a real inspiration for me..

Thanks to PMZIlla for providing s good forum to participate..

I have been a silent follower till now..

My Tips:

I needed around 1.5- 2 months of effort.

Read from PMBOK and Rita, both two times..

Though, the most important part is "Practicing the questions".. i have practiced almost all the questions available on the net..

Scored between 70-85 almost..

Never crossed 90 for even the easiest paper, though got 60% once in one of the paper.

My scores were: Proficient  in execution, monitor &control and closing

and moderate proficient in Initiation, planning  and professional responsibilty.



 First, all the best and congratulation 

Second, can you please advice how long it took you to study for the exam (1.5 - 2 hous a day, reading and practicing exams)?



Congratulations on clearing PMP!!

Could you please suggest how important is to memorize ITTOs? Is understanding them enough from exam's perpective or should one memorize all (or whatever one can)?