Looking for test exams, NOT for free


I am looking for good test exams, however not for free.

Which one would you recommend?



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Try reading the recent LL posted by different people. Amongst the paid tests, good ones are Rita Mulcahy, PMZilla, PMStudy, PMTraining etc. 

You may consider Pm Prepacst exam simulator. you may also read my Lessons Learned at my blog. URL given below






I agree with the admin that PMzilla, Rita, and PMstudy are all good. Be sure you answer a lot of questions. When I tested, I made a point of becoming so familiar with test questions that I could pick out familiar terms and 'match words' to guide me to the right answer. That is 'if I see this word in the question, I need to see that word in the answer.' Worked for me. I primarily used PMstudy and Oliver Lehmann.

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I LIKE THIS SITE http://supernsetips.com/

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 Hello everybody. I am preparing for PMP Exam and need a study partner. I have put up my schedule and preferences on StudyPal. It would be great if we study together.
My best wishes.
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Try this first set avaiable here:


There are more sets coming up as well.

Hello guys,I am looking for a PMP study partner.I have also put my study schedule and profile on StudyPal.co . I've also signed up for the PMP webinar in case you guys are planning to go for it.Just respond in case you are interested. 

Great question! The truth is that your question is entirely subjective and depends on a couple of factors:

1. What type of learner are you? 

2. How long do you plan on studying before taking the exam? 

3. How much are you willing to spend?

I used http://crushthepmexam.com/best-pmp-exam-prep/ to help me determine which one was best for me. Good luck!