Passed my PMP! (LL)

Hi All,

I was able to pass the PMP this last Monday, here are some thoughts to help prepare for the Exam, believe me the Exam is tough and you need to the concept right to pass the Exam. Hope this helps you prepare well and my best wishes for the exam.


1. A. Read the PMBOK Guide once to make you understand the basic flow B. I would strongly recommend studying Rita Mulcahy twice for understanding concepts better C. For revision, read pmp exam notes from pmpexamnotes dot com ( You will do well if you follow all the above steps - check out this video on how to pass PMP exam in 4 simple steps.

2. The key is to know the concept behind the project management, always look at the big picture when studying the chapters and how does fit into the real world.


3. Rita process flow really helps understand the concept and enables to answer difficult questions.


4. Be thorough with the role of the project manager in different situations, handling stakeholders, quality, procurement, scope, cost, team, schedule etc…most of the difficult questions are based on the PM’s unique role as to how he/she will handle the situation.


5. Study the Theories, PM Powers, Management styles, Conflict resolution, remote team handling


6. The PM authority in different types of organizations.


7. Be thorough on the Risk management process, like different types Risk handling risk Mitigation, Risk Transfer etc…


8. Be thorough on the Procurement processes, different contract types, when it is used and why it is used.


9. PMI Code of ethics is very important know, prepare very well on this as the questions are really touch on this, you feel that you answered right it’s not the case most of the time.


10. Understand as to things flow, you plan everything in the planning phase creating all the Scope, Cost, Schedule Baselines etc, you create the metrics to measure against, which is used during the Monitoring and Control process to measure the project performance.


11. Try to answer the questions by elimination method so that you will arrive at 2 answers which are pretty close the answer and you can choose the Best answer. Read questions very carefully as they are wordy and distracting.


12. Finally get the formulas and practice the Critical Path, Earned value problems and step 1 is very critical.


All the Best!

Thank You,

Naveen, PMP

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Many Congratulations...

Congrats Naveen..!

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Congratulations on your PMP.


Thank You!

Thank You All :)

Many Congratulations!!

Thank You!

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Thank You!

Thank You!

Congrats !!!

thank you!

Congrats I passed my PMP Exam Today on 8/22/14. I understand the positive feeling as well as relief.

Many Congratulations to you.

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thank you!

Thank You Binay



Cleared PMP with 5 Ps. I will share lessons learned soon.

Hi Naveen, Can you please let me know more about pmpexamnotes as you mentioned on your message. I would like to purchase it. How much it costs ? how did you use it?

It is impressive and quite useful information here regarding how to pass PMP exam. I got many new ideas here and surely it will help me lot in passing the PMP exam. Thanks a lot.

Hi - yup,it's very can purchase it from the website provided...


Thank You!


Thank You!



Congratulations Naveen!
Between could you please pass me your email address ? I would like to communicate with you regarding PMP preparation.

Thanks in Advance!

Thank You!

Congrats Naveen -- I would like to take the PMP as well can you please let me know how long it took for you to prepare and share some notes as well. I would like to get this done by Jan- Is 2 months enough?

thank you - 3 to 4 months is a good time for preparation

Congratulation, I've just pass PMP yesterday, absolutely with you, The PMP exam is so tough, and I strong recommend to read Rita, If I don't read it. Perhaps I can't pass this exam.

Congratulations! - and Thank You! 

Congrats Naveen for passing PMP.

What all PMP mock tests you gave apart from Rita's book to prepare for the test and which mock test was closest to the real exam ?


PM Study has got good quality mock exams.

Best Wishes!

Thank You!

Thank You!

Can you please give more détails on:

PMI Code of ethics is very important know, prepare very well on this as the questions are really touch on this, you feel that you answered right it’s not the case most of the time.


Thank You!

Can you please email file on following address

Hi - This Notes is Updated Real-Time with the latest information/examples based on the exam buying the notes from the website is the best option - as you would get the latest copy - free copies circulated on the internet are not updated and they are outdated - reading outdated stuff for this kind of exam is very dangerous....


Regarding this "9. PMI Code of ethics is very important know, prepare very well on this as the questions are really touch on this, you feel that you answered right it’s not the case most of the time."

I am not gona ask you to give us what is in the exam, but can you give us an example.. to better understand that


Hi - There are very useful information and good examples in the pmp exam notes referred in Point 1 with respect to PMI Code of Ethics.

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Congrats !!!