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Hello all,

I joined and thought i would pass the exam. So, after 2 weeks of rigorous studies, I gave simulated exams and got 75% and thought I'd pass but I failed.

I was shocked as I found the exam pretty tough.

I recently came across this website and hope to get help and pass the PMP.

Thanks and Best Regards to all,





 You can pass the exam ! No big deal people do fail in their first attempt, relax and replan yours exam in few week , don't loose yours enthu and subject touch. Mostly people fail because they read too much of PMBOK but ignore PMP question practice. People should solve at least 3000 to 4000 questions before getting into exam center. It means major part of the study should go in practice than reading.

Rita, Headfirst and Andy crowe  books are helpful, but focus on practice. Enough free online tests are available. 





Thanks a lot Rajat..........I need lots of moral important is Andy Crowe book to read?........Also, should I schedule the exam before I am prepared or after I am prepared

Thanks once again


... not me fo show no!

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It is indeed true that these practical certifications require practice instead of just learning concepts I also cleared my sat examination in first attempt as I used to practice a lot instead of just reading the books.

I am also presently preparing for my PMP exam by May. I found this website helpful as repositories of PMP resources including the Ritas PMP PrepExam and the PMFastrack v7 available for downloads. Maybe you will be interested also.



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I also prepare for my PMP exam and strongly beleive in what you just mentioned on practices 

the trick of the trade

thanks much indeed for such impressive web site


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all materials published are really useful and worth the money!

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You will get passed in 1st attempt.

I read your comment. - Not passing

I took 35 hrs in-class + 35 hrs Prepcaste + Andy Crowe text  =  100 hours + another 100+ hours over 3 months.  Most Saturdays studying 4 Saturdays doing exam simulations.

Thought I was doing well 70%+ min on  prep exams

Found it i was averaging 50Q including a 5 min break ... in both prep Qs and on the PMP exam .... finished with 2 minuties to go.  Tring to think through each Q carefully.

Qs very tricky working.  Have to know percise words PMBOK uses.  Many close synonyms used.

Stunned with the result

Personal issues - haev to read and make a decion fast.   Very little time to think.  By the time you read the Qs 2-3 times hunting for key words, 30-40 seconds has gone.  Now have 10 seconds to identify the distractor and the best answer.  I was very strained averaging 50Qs an hour.   Fighting stress is huge!  Difficult to comprehend long paragraph Qs while searching for key info.

My take- away take a lot more Qs under timed condiotions and manage stress and focus quickly in the solution.   The last hour was very difficult, tied you slow down so getting those first 60 Qs done fast helps you in the last hour



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that hard indeed!

i believe the time management of the key in this type of lengthy exam

and exactly as said tricky wordings and lots of synonyms 


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You can check it on
You will get more details.


I found the comments on this site really helpful and wanted to add my recent experience on the PMP exam. I passed the exam on my first try and did not find it too difficult. I took 3.5 hours to finish the test but only went through it once. I did not mark any questions but did take my time on each question. I tried to pace myself to answer 50 questions per hour. The exam did ask many situational questions but they we pretty straightforward. There were only about 5 questions on EVM and about 5 on ITTO. The ITTO questions were easy enough to answer without memorizing all of them. The only ones that I memorized were the 6 from project  integration management. My test had about 3 EMV (decision tree) questions, about 3 critical path questions but many risk managment questions. Spend alot of time studying risk. I also had many questions on the tools used in quality management, know them well.

I studied for about 5 months just to be sure that I passed it on my first try, The books that I used:

  1. PMBOK, 4th Ed.  Read at least 4 times.

  2. PMP Exam Prep, 6th Ed. by Rita Mulcahy.  Read 3 times.

  3. The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try by Andy Crowe.  I read this book only one time and thought it was too simple BUT you get access to Velociteach's website for 1 week. They have a online class on PMP exam prep that I thought was excellent. It took about 13 hours to complete but was worth it. You even earn 15 PDUs and are able to print out a certificate. It is very well done. I would take the class at the begining of your studying because it explains the concepts very clearly.

  4. Achieve PMP Exam Success, 4th Ed. by Margaret Chu. I read this book only once but it comes with a CD with alot of practice questions.

  5. Ultimate PMP Exam Prep Guide by Timothy Bergmann. I read this book only once but it comes with aceess to their website for one year and it has PMP practice exams.

I think that I could have passed the exam with just the PMBOK and Rita's book because the rest say basically the same thing but the practce questions were helpful.

I purchased the 4 practice exams from PMstudy. Here are my scores.

  1. PMstudy1-76%

  2. PMstudy2-84%

  3. PMstudt3-77%

  4. PMstudt4-84%

Actual PMP exam;

  1. Initiation -MP

  2. Planning- P

  3. Execution- P

  4. Monitoring and Controlling-MP

  5. Closing-P

  6. Social and Professional Responsibility-BP (questions were tough)

Good luck and hope this helps, Frank


I agree, PMBOK and RITA are enough. Lots of online tests are there. But take these tests only after you have finished both Rita and PMPBOK once.

Oliver Lehman is good...(free)

I like as well...(free)

Rest is practice and practice.

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It's really a nice and helpful piece of information.

I am beginning to study for the PMP exam and would like to ask all for tips, study material and any advice to make the best use of my study time. I am also looking to get involved in a study group if anyone is in the Kansas City area. Any help would be appreciated.




I have completed my three years diploma in electronics engineering.

Am i Eligible for exam?


Hi Sanjeev,

You should have minimum 3 years work experience in any project to do PMP. Now you are eligible for ITIL And BIG DATA.

To Know more about PMP Eligibility Criteria Click Here

To Know more about ITIL Certification Click Here

To Know more about BIG DATA Click Here

I belong to a Project Management group and it is wonderful to know about these things.

New to PMP?

I cleared the examination earlier this month and have posted my PMP Study Plan & Materials on my blog:

I've also uploaded materials on the link above which I believe will help aspiring PMP individuals greatly. Individuals have found the information very valuable and here is hoping that it helps you too!

Feel free to contact me if I can be of any help

Good luck!


Hi I'm looking to take my test in the next 35 days. I didn't pass the first time so wanted to try something new.

From what I've learned you don't just study to memorize the processes, etc you want to understand and know how to apply it. Why not formulate a project plan as a team the PMBOCK way? Creating a project plan from scratch. We could create a project team and break the team down to create certain sections of the project.

Have a weekly meeting to dicuss our progress and share our documents to combine and come up with a plan.

We can communicate through different resources available online.

Please let me know if anyone is interested.




This is best way to larn I am intrested , i passed my pmp exam on 12/sep/2012 but i dont want lose momentum. 


Hello i passed pmp exam on 12/sep/2012

I spend around 6 months to prepare for pmp exam i did not want to take second chance, my gole was to clear exam on first attempt 

1. Study  PMBOK guide first ( start to finish)  3 times 

2.  Study Rita Mulchay Second  (start to finish) 2 times 

3. Study Head First (start to finish) 3 times 

4. Watch PM Prepcast ( watch occasionly) 

Solved more than 6000 quastion ( free queston available on net)

Lesson learned :As more we study things will start appears easy and time comes when we dont fell like memorizing  

       ( **There is no secrets to pass pmp  :Passion hard work and in right direction**)

I am thinking of taking CAPM exam. So far I have't purchased a single book. But I have few doubts hope some one can help.

1. A good friend of mine told me Reading PMBOK + Rita Mulcahy's would be good to pass CAPM/PMP

Do I need to get any more books?

2. What  are the Good websites where I can take the practice tests?



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Hi Supriya,
You can check the CAPM course.
This organization conducts Online Instructor Led Classroom Training & also group sessions.
You talk to their support and they will arrange it as per your need. & also PMP here

Ok.  Here goes.  I am typically not the guy that would post on a forum and not a person that likes to discuss what I do very much etc etc but after sitting for the exam once and failing miserably and thereby killing my self esteem I decided that I had to try everything I found to pass.  So Im going to tell you everything I tried and after seeing the test twice I will also tell you what works and most importantly what "Does Not" work. 

First try (Failed Attempt):

15 years of PM experience  -  (useless)

Knowledge Academy online training (Jan 2013)  - (useless)

Simplilearn online training (Feb 2013)  - (useless)

April 2013 (failed)

Second Try (Passed)  - What I read and online tests I took

Knowledge Academy in person course (useless)

Simplilearn online practice tests (works) 

Knowledge Academy online practice tests (works)   Although these questions are easy they dont test your skill these questions help you to think the way the PMP examiners want you to think.  After years of not thinking the way they (PMI) want you to this will help.

PMStudy (works!!!!!)  Look you better do this... and you better pay for all of the questions they have.  I saw as others have stated some of the exact questions on the test... Although not enough to just make you easily pass but these questions look most like the exam.

PMBok (works)  Reading it?? no... studying it.. yes. 

Head First Practice Test (works)

Head First Book (works)

"How to Pass PMP on First Try"  (Useless, Useless Useless) 

PMP Certification for dummies (works.. wish I would have bought it sooner) but you must use this as a supplement to the PMBok

PMP Certification mathematics (Must have)

Paid 1000 bucks for a course (useless) except for the information he gave about taking the test in 3 passes...

Pass one:Answer only the easy questions you know then take a quick 5 min break

Pass two: Answer only the questions that are hard with no calculations 5 min break

Pass three: Answer the remainder


What I did daily that works

I did not do like everyone else on here due to the risks of someone else causing me a failure... so No I did not take a 200 question test... "EVER"   I thought this would be useless... I just couldnt sit that long for a dang test everyday.. I felt it was hard enough to sit for the PMP for 4 da*n hours! 

I took test from Simplilearn to see the areas I was weak these questions were pretty hard and I would only do about 100 questions at a time.  I did this because the questions flip through each process areas so its easy to know where  you are having problems. 

Then I would go through all of the questions that I got wrong only and read through all explanations on why I got it wrong (very important)

Then I would go to PMStudy and pick one of the areas (and there were many) of the Simplilearn test that I was not doing well in and use PMStudy Knowledge Area test and select a test of about 20 to 50 questions in that knowledge area.  Then I would go through these questions... and after failing them (of course) I would go through all of the explanations of the questions on that test as to why I got them wrong.  I would use these questions to help guid me back to the PMBok (using the page numbers given on the PMStudy exam) and go deeply into understanding that page of the PMBok.  This works!!!!!!

Then I would go back to the Simplilearn tests (I bought all 3) and retest and I would see my score gradually go up. I continued this process until I could see that I was doing much better and retaining most of the information.


did not buy the questions but I did live on the forum looking for tips and tricks and exam info.. this was a must...

About the test

My second test attempt the exam was quite different than the first so dont expect the same exam after you fail. 

Make sure you know page 43 of the PMBok in and out up and down and sideways...

Earned Value - You "MUST" know this... some people dont get many questions in that area (so they say) but on both test earned value was a beast!! An ugly hairy angry beast. 

For example:

They will give you a loooooooong scenario about whatever... then they give you the AC (but of course they dont tell you its the AC,  they also give you the PV but they also dont tell you its the PV (you have to figure this out)  then after you have decide that its maybe the AC or the PV or the ABC DEF or whatever then you will be given furthur information like: You were working on the project for 4 months and you have to months of work completed but its the third month.  So you now have to figure the percent complete then figure the value of that to come up with the EV then and only then can you put it into the memorized Earned Value equations that we all memorize for the exam.    Also whoever said you dont need the formula for Present value, Future value is a fool (well not really) there was only one question but you better know the formula. 

So for all of the rest of you thugs that want people to study like you studied and those that want to make the test out to be unsurmountable as to feel you are elite... consider yourself outted LOL!!!!  The test is very doable.. but you must prepare and test your preparation...

First: Read our Bible (PMBOK)

1.  Take a simplilearn or whoever test   (This is your Baseline)

2.  review the wrong answers (explanations) and why

3. Begin testing on PMStudy in the areas that you got wrong (1 Knowledge Area at a time)

4. The PMStudy Knowledge Area test will give you the answer after you answer the question and the explanation (which is better for memory).  Better to know you got it wrong when you got it wrong and use that moment to review why and also go to the PMBOK on the page PMStudy quotes for that question.

5. After you have done this for a while.. Go back to the same simplilearn test or whichever company you chose and test again against your baseline.. The questions in the Knowledge area you got wrong you will now get more right.  Wash, Rinse and Repeat!


About the Tools and Techniques inputs and outputs

Not knowing this is risky but to pass the exam you definitely need to know the inputs and outputs for the items on page 43 of the PMBok.  Know your tools and techniques for all.


Good Night

The Secret Sauce is a secret no more!   :)

I am preparing for PMP and found this site amazing .thanks a lot guys..!!!

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Hi Mayuresh,

                    It's really amazing site. can you tell me the Best PMP Exam Simulator.



Hi folks,

One of my colleagues Chris attended the PMP training from PMstudy and he gave the following feedback about the same.

PMstudy helps to pass the exam by giving their smart strategies with a good teaching methodology to pass the exam.  They are also providing a copy of PMBOK as complementary with the course.

The faculty support is also great in PMstudy. They are also offering Moneyback Guarantee and hence I feel one can easily look into PMstudy for the PMP exams.


 It's quite ambiguous to know whether your work qualifies to appear for the PMP exam. Though I could call in and get help from some institutions, I'm becoming a little restless knowing I'll have to wait for the weekend. If there's anyone here who could help me deduce this, please.... I'll appreciate it.


I've been working as a corporate trainer for a little over three years. During this period, I've primarily focused on identifying training needs, creating training curriculum, changing training approach to get better results, and of course, training individuals. I've worked on multiple training processes within the scope of Process Training, English Language Training and Business or Corporate Skills Training. 

While this has been my main KRA, I've worked as a multi-role trainer by encompassing other tasks such as new process implementation and transisioning, business development, & client SPOC .

Now my concern is that I didn't save this experience in some form of documentation when I left my previous organization. I can produce validating documents within the last 14 months as I've taken up the same role in a different company. Do you think with this experience I'll qualify for the PMP exam? As the major chunk of my time was spent on designing training and implementing it, I would also like to ask if owning a specific type of training (ELT, Process) end-to-end can be considered a project in the eyes of PMP.
















To all PMP aspirants; answering the question on how to register as a PMI member in 10 mins.
Following the video walkthrough to help you out


Training providers should be responsible for your success in PMP exam,

ExcelR Solutions gives 100% positive result in PMP visit PMP certification training course page to get more details.

This is an incredible post about <a href=""> PRINCE2® Foundation Certification in USA </a> Getting such a wide range of benefits is really amazing.

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        Can anyone tell me result process of PMP Exam, I have study lot article and blog but still i am confused about Result declaration of PMP Exam.

and I have taked lot PMP Online Tests at different - different PMP Exam Simulator, But they do'nt have correct result Pattern like real.



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can we try Some PMP Tests on PMP Exam Simulators.

I wanted to be PMP certified since last couple of years but honestly I was not able to put my effort for regular studies. Anyways in 2016 Dec, I made my mind that i have to do it and took PMI membership. First blow was that my case got picked for audit and in first attempt it got rejected. It hurt my preparation and delayed my plan for exam appearance but anyways.. In second attempt audit went fine and I got response to take my exam date. 1st phase was over.
To get back to track I took another 6 months as my workload was fluctuating during this time. In between I was reading mainly Rita's PMP prep book and PMBOK 5 alternatively and started giving all free mock tests after reading these books 1-2 times.
For new PMP aspirants my advice is -
First, whatever you will read, it will not be useful until you read PMBOK in the end and understand the PMI way of doing Project Management.
Second, don't waste your time on easy mock test where you are scoring 75 or 80 score as they are simply wasting your time. Find mock test sources where you are scoring late 50 or 60 score. I went through all the possible free mock tests and achieved scores in 70s until I found PMZest where I scored 59% in first mock test. I realized my mistake to not continue on easy mock tests which are available in internet.
So long story short, to all new PMP aspirants -
1. Read any alternate books (based on your choice) BUT PMBOK is must and atleast one round of brisk reading 1-2 weeks before exam.
2. PMBOK glossary – at least 2 times in last week of your preparation just before the exam day.
3. Don't go to mock tests where your knowledge and understanding are not challenged. Search for mock test sources where you feel you are still below the passing line.
4. Don’t rely on brain dump on the day of exam as it will not help you in that crusial 4 hours. I did not even get 1 single numerical in my real test for which most of the folks need brain dump.
At least I took my initial failures in those tough mock tests positively and understood where I was not doing good to get success on the main exam. I will recommend PMZest for at least mock tests if you are not looking for anything else.
All the best if you are one of PMP aspirants and want to crack main exam in first try.

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