Failed in PMI Exam during 1st attempt !!!

Hello my PMZilla friends.

I had given my exam on 20th-Dec-13 and failed in the exam. I was a silent member and watching all the posts written by others.


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Mostly in this forum people share their success stories, Lesson learned etc. In my case I would like to share my LL what went wrong in my exam despite of studying PMP for more 1.5 months and 8-10 hrs preparation just before the week of the exam.

Below are my LL so that PMP aspirants can have a look at it and don't do the mistakes which i did during the course of the exam.

1. I started preparation before 45 days of scheduling the exam. Read Rita and PmBOK 5 twice. solved all the questions on the last in every chapter from RITA. I was very satisfied with my preparation and then started giving mock tests.

2. Attempted all 5 Mock tests from QAI which i got during my PMP PDU training. Consistently scored above 75%, bought 800 questions from and found them good, so in principal solved around 2000+ mock questions.

now by this time the question is coming on your mind what went wrong with me despite of getting good marks in Mock exam.

1. I have scheduled my exam at 8:00AM slot in Prometric Gurgaon center which is about 50kms from the place where i live in Delhi. As I was confident to clear the exam, I studied till 1:00 AM prior night and then again wake up at 4:00 to revise formulas, ITTO and processes.left home at sharp 6:00 AM to reach center on time, reached center by center by 7:30 and my exam was started around 8:40 due to long queue to call my name and complete the formalities, it seems whole world was in prometric center to give GRE exam. Was feeling sleepy just after i have started by exam. so the first thing guys please and please have a proper sleep atleast 9 hrs prior to exam and go with the fresh matter what how good is your preparation but your chances will more likely to fail if you dont take sound and good sleep prior to attempt PMP exam.

2.The 1st 6 questions i remember was bit long n difficult, by seeing this pattern i became nervous + having sleeping effect which acts as a catalyst to make my brain dumb during initial course of exam.

3. I remember,it took me more than 90 minutes to solve first 50 questions. Ok lesson learnt here that if u have even 5% doubt that you dont know the answer, just mark it for review and proceed for next.the easy questions will start follow for sure which will boost up your confidence and you will be back on track. I have seen this advice in PMZILLA forum but people generally ignored it as they want to make it sure to answer most of the questions correctly taking more time i.e 90 minutes for me to solve 1st 50 questions was the key reason for my failure and i manage to complete only 170 questions in 4 hrs leaving 30 questions.I could have been passed in the exam if i had attempted all 200 questions

4. yes i failed in the exam but since i have attempted it, i can bet that exam does ask 40% straight forward questions( means you will be able to solve these if you have read PMBOK twice and remember the concepts and you can easily solve numericals on communications, PERT, EVM. i remember straight questions you need to apply the correct formula to get them right. I will recommend PMP mathematics -tata macgraw hill by Vidhya. you can order it from or from

5. Another lesson learnt is to read the question carefully and sometimes we start jumping to the options by overlooking the questions and answered incorrectly.

6. Concentrate more on Time, cost, Risk and procurement where you will get close to sure shot 80 questions. ( Pareto analysis will do good in this case)

My next course of action is to book the test for the next available slot and try to pass with flying colors.

May i ask other fellow member suggestions to share there feedback so the guys like me can make a strong comeback and contribute more to this forum.

I will keen to provide my LL more in detail once i clear my exam on 2nd attempt.


Hello Tushar,

Sorry to hear that, but on a positive side there is always a next time. Why not try something that's common which works for many people (I am one) i.e.
Books - PMBOK, and 1-2 from Rita, Andy, Headfirst
Mock Tests - PMStudy, Pmpforsure, Oliver, Rita Fast Track, Pmzilla etc

Thanks & Regards,

Dear Tushar,
You already know what went wrong and so you need not worry. You can revisit the LLs on PMZilla and boost your morale. I read somewhere that Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts !! I hope to hear from you soon that you have cleared your exam. Cheers Arushi

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Congratulations on your PMP.

Hi, I wish you all the success in your endeavour. One of the commentators has given a really valid advice. I think all the help is available in the suggested study plans someone noted above. And just like somebody greeted you in advance, let me also say Congratuations ---in advance and good luck!