Passed PMP on 26/07 - Lessons Learned


First I would like to say thanks for everyone in this forum.

I passed my exam last Friday. I studied for a month but minimum 6 hours per day.

I tell that I was scared because I knew that I need to study a little more but I did not want to study for the new version. Then my wife told to go ahead.

I had a lot of formula questions regarding EAC and so many questions regarding ITTO.

In order to pass i read:

1. HeadFirst 1 time

2. Rita 1 time

3. Did all test from Fastrack 1 time(first by KA with average results of 70% then I did SUPER PMP 69%)

4. Did 3 simulates from PMSTUDY (average score of 68%)

5. Tough 200 questions PMZILLA (average score of 55)

6. Read the "00_PMP_Notes_Chowdary_Anil.xlsx" for me was the most important document that I read. I was reading every day for a week.


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 Welcome and congratulations !