Exam after 3 days - Need Advice -

 Hello - I am appearing for the Exam on 30 july. Below are my results so far:

Oliver_175 = 66 %

Oliver_75 = 69%

PmStudy Test 1 = 67%

PMStudy Exam 3 : 68.57 %

Other Test and Avg Result =  70%

 At this stage - I am not sure what to do - I tried to fil most of the gaps but with every test something new shows up....

I followed Rita and PMBOK read it more than three time and i understand most of the concepts in PMP..

Really dont know what to do and what will be my approch for next three days before my exam day...

I know this is this is the forum which i  personsally think that help many of PMP's to get their certs so please give me a breif plan and whats the best way to utilize my time from now

Thanks In Advance - 

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 I would recommend couple of more mock test - PMStudy test 2 and Simplilearn and last day read through your notes and PMBOK...I think you should be good...

I was in similar boat ..I used read my gaps from my mock test and then get better in next mock exams...the last exam was PMstudy test 3 and I scored 80%, which 1.5 days before exam and last day I studied PMBOK ..that was it.. (when I started the scores were low 60s, then moved to 70s)

All the best!!

I am exactly in same boat...same score as you have...exam on 30th. All I am planning to do is revise PMBOK guide, read rofa & raga's notes, solve math prob and read my notes . Let me know what you working on...

keeping my figures crossed....

 Hi - Take another Test and score is not so good. 

PMStudy Exam 3 : 68.57 %

I am planning on spending two days on Maths questions and Just going through Notes and wrong questions from all the mock exams.

Will take the last Mock test on Sunday Night 

Let's See


 Go through previous tests and analyze all the gaps you have. Review the explanations and check them in PMBOK or anywhere else.

For math questions check this http://www.scribd.com/doc/28680971/101-PMP-Sample-Questions-for-the-PMP-Exam

I think it will stregthen this area.

 Hello vinod - Hows your preparation going on - All the best of luck with your exam and shoot me a line at ch.adilaziz@live.com after the exam...

Good Luck 

Good Luck to you too. Right now just reviewing my notes..and trying to keeping head cool...