PMP Exam - 0 Start or 1 Start Method


Does the real exam use the 0 start or 1 start method? I know this might be a stupid question, but the way one calculates float/slack matter based on this method. All the practice questions i have done have used the 0 start method up until today, where some questions used the 1 start method. This threw me off and I made some errors.  

This issue has been discussed a lot on this forum and others. The short answer is: Use any method that you feel comfortable with and be consistent. You will do just fine.

PMBOK 5th edition uses the 1-start convention but also says that there are other acceptable conventions.


With the above said, the 1-start method is more intuitive and logical. It matches with our natural way of thinking.

Ultimately it's your choice. Being consistent with the method that you use is key.