Exam in 8 days, need urgent help !

I have been doing PMP Exam Simulator and have read PMBOK & Rita twice.

I am getting between 73 to 82 % marks in this test.

Please suggest if it is optimum or any other suggestions.

Appreciate your inputs !

- Amit

 Hi Amit,

Please Give as many as MOCK Exams and Revise it and identify your gap.

And try the following Mock exams(200 qs).


PMZilla 200 questions

Techfaq360 mockexams


any other 200 qs Mock exams

All 4 hours only , dont do just 20 questions and 50 questions... try to sit 4 hours (you can take break but treat as if it is a 4 hour exam only means include your break time also).

If you are scoreing 75 to 85 in all exams... you have more chance to clear the exam.

All the Best!.


Surendar PMP


Hi Amit, keep track of the questions you are missing and research why.  Focus on those areas before taking the next mock exam.    Be sure you know the EV calcuations and how to use the results to answer situational questions.  Use the day before the exam to just review and relax.   Know what you are going to put on your dump sheet before you walk into the test center.  Do the dump and let the test start.

With scores in the range of 75 to 85, you will do fine.  Just focus on what you are missing, review those topics in Rita's book and move on.  Remember, the cost of non-conformity is paying $$$ to take it again and finding a location before July 31.  There is a reduced rate for the second time around.  

Let us know when you pass!