I am done with PMP :) now  am thinking to do CBAP (Business Analyst) , could anyone throw some light on the following:

Background- I am project manager handling multiple projects, jobs involve more of vendor management as we outsource our development activities.

Does it make sense to go for CBAP after PMP  (I am not a techie).

How popular or in-demand this certificate is, in terms of finding new job.

 I had thought about Scrum, PMI-ACP, ITIL but feel CBAP would be relevant, Is there any other Certificate which you would like to suggest.


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Unless CBAP is your job function or you want to make a career in BA, there is no need to do CBAP. Same applies for Agile and other certifications.

PMP is a generic certification which applies to all industries, and valued in market. But other certifications may be required only if you want to showcase your expertise in a particular field.

I know a person who did many certifications and when he used to go for job interviews he used to get rejected since Interviewers felt he does not have focus or clear thinking.

So next certification you take should be relevant to your job or your career aspirations. Dont take certifications for the sake of it  

Thanks Admin...

I was in Software Sales moved in to IT-development.. business analyst is the natural choice for me from here on :)

BTW, how is CBAP's acceptance in the market.



 Thanks a lot for guiding people correctly. I am also rethinking on my ACP after reading this.

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Anyways found two interesting articles which gives good perspective on Business Analyst.

Cheers :)