Failed My PMP Exam - 06-26-2013

  Hello All – I want to share my Lesson Learnt:

I made my fist attempted today and I failed my PMP exam. The failure hit me pretty hard but I had to shake it off and stay positive with my future plans. I was very confident that I will pass the exam but it didn’t happen this time.

Here is my result:







Monitoring & Controlling





So now what – I guess failure is a history now and want to be up and take this challenge. I am planning to schedule the test again before July 31st.

Before I fallow Rita and PMBOK but mostly Rita – So please guide me to take the proper path to pass my PMP. As of today I have almost one month to take the exam again.

I truly appreciate all your help –



 U are not bad, I invested 2 months on only study rita's pm fast track & resume pmbok.

Continue u'r effort, 

1st plan new exam schedule before 1 week or 1 day before 31 july 2013

2nd retake u'r suicidal to positive time 

3d study this next month to increase u'r skills

u are lucky this is mi second time, the first i didnt study i didnt surprise

today's presented my exam equal u & i watched my bad skills, i need too improve

& i only failed planing

good luck u & me the next time 


Do not worry about the failure and start reading aggressively for 2-3 weeks and you will easily clear.

Be positive that you are going to clear this time and think of any other big successes that you attained in life when you go for exam or when you think abt this failure. I do think abt my big achievement or successes in life which will motivate you. Try this.I works.

My advice below : (which I followed and it worked for me). You can consider this or pick whatever will be applicable.

Take print out of each chapter of the PMBOK, read page by page and note down or highlight points which can be potential question for the exam. - First week.

.Second, read Raga's 355 points, solve maths related problems as fast as possible and take mock exams as much as possible giving preference to pmstudy exam. DONOT move on to next mock without reviewing or doing gap analysis - Second week.

Read only the highlighted points on every page and understand ITTOs in your own way - Third way.

As you have already read pmbok, these things can be doneeasily  in 3 weeks.

I think Reading Rita is for reference and for understanding. PMP asks questions only from PMBOK.(Now you may have seen PMP real exam questions as well)

So i don't advice reading Rita again now. If you have gaps while taking mocks, you can refer Rita.



 Thanks Everyone for your advise.- I am feeling more confident now. 

Please let me know by the best Mock exams i can take - I am planning to take atleast 5 Full exams and many short once in next 30 days.

Really You Guys are Great - 

God Bless You All