Another Scordo Ethics Contradiction (D)

 You are a business development manager at a mid sized automobile manufacturing company. Recently, you've been given a project to evaluate the possibility of manufacturing light duty trucks in a Southeastern Asian country. To develop a cost estimate, you visit the country with a team of experts to analyze local resources such as power, labor, and real estate. After the visit, you discuss the findings with an automobile manufacturing consultant. The consultant notes that the local laws and government bureaucracy typically means foreign investors spend more over a year obtaining all required permits. To avoid these delays, the consultant advises exchanging a small amount of company stock to the son of the country's president. In return for the stock, the president's son will personally handle and expedite the issuing of all permits required. What should you do?

  1. Add the opportunity costs associated with the year delay in getting permitted without local assistance.
  2. Notify your company a that a bribe is necessary to avoid lengthy delays in permitting
  3. Facilitate a meeting with the president's son and your managing director to finalize the details of the stock for services arrangement.
  4. Determine the legality of the proposed exchange of stock for permitting assistance




option 4 seems to be right. Going with legal options sound better than others

 But its clearly a bribe ?

 ans-4 In this case, determining the legality would be the first thing to do and then notify the company

 Ans. 4.


If the law of  the country permits such things it is not a bribe. So checking the legality will determine whether it is possible or not.