Are these typical of pmbok 4th

Pls are the networking diagrams listed below required to know for PMP 4th ed?

A Project Manager is creating a Network diagram and needs to show a dependency between activities with no work or time. All of the following Network diagram techniques display this dependency except...

(A) Activity-on-Line (AOL)           

(B) Arrow Diagramming Method (ADM)               

(C) Activity-on-Arrow (AOA)      '               

(D) Activity-on-Node (AON)

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 AOL , since its not a network diagram technique



There is a need for dummy activities when the project contains groups of two or more jobs which have

common predecessors. The time taken for the dummy activities is zero.and no work

this arrangement is shown in AOA only.- an arrow diagramming method or activity on lines 

option D is AON does not have any dummy activity in other word no such activity which has 0 duration and 0 work.

hence answer will be D

since it is negative question, hence earlier I marked C but now corrected.


 it is out of pmbok 4

Correct Answer: (D) Activity-on-Node (AON)

Explanation: Activity-on-Node (AON) doesn't use dummies in its Network diagram. A dummy is a dependency between activities with no work or time.

Activity On Node = Precedencce Diagraming Method(PDM) widely used. doesnt use dummy.