How to Apply? What are the fees?

The Application ProcessThe PMP® application can be completed either online (at
or with paper forms. The new PMI online application process, allows you
to check on your status throughout the credentialing process. Details
are as below:

  • Your certification fee must accompany your application (credit card only if online). The current fee is $405 for PMI members, $555 for non-members.
  •  Application must be submitted in English, ( PMP® exam is offered
    in several languages ). Application forms are available for review
    and/or download anytime at In signing your application, you agree to abide by the PMP® Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Although PMI asks for 10 to 14 working days to process your
    paper-based application, it’s actually much faster. Online applications
    generally are processed within 48 to 72 hours.
  • Once your application is approved, you will receive an eligibility
    letter with identification code and detailed testing information. You
    have one year to take the PMP® examination, which begins from the
    date your application is approved.
  • To help maintain quality and integrity in the PMP® certification
    program, PMI audits 10% of applicants, who are notified electronically.
    It’s best to assume that you’ll be one of them. The audit process
    involves formal verification by your employer(s) and schools. Be
    thorough, accurate, and honest with your application information.
  • For detailed information on the eligibility and application process, download PMI’s PMP® Credential Handbook from

Note: PMI now requires candidates to document their
experience in leading/directing projects and performing tasks within
all domains except Professional and Social Responsibility. The
applications should be accompanied by:

  1.  A current resume/CV detailing work experience and educational
    background (please provide the name and complete address for all
    employers and schools attended).
  2.  A copy of diploma or transcript for baccalaureate or equivalent university degree
  3.  Experience Verification Form(s) meeting criteria listed above

The Experience Verification Form is used by candidates to properly document and report project management experience. One Experience Verification Form must be submitted for each project
within the eligible timeframe. On the form, candidates must indicate
the number of hours worked in each of the five process areas. (
Initiating, planning, executing, controlling, closing )


Dear All,

Pls pardon me for asking a silly question, but I want to know the process of online fee submission for PMI membership as well as for PMP exam through the online mode. I am confused as to how a credit card payment will be made in USD when our Credit Cards are in INR currency domination.

Kindly help to clarify my doubt.




If you have credit card, it will take care of transaction and currency conversion. While paying the fee for any PMI, you will just need to enter credit card number, its expiry date, and its cvv code. Your banker and PMI merchant will take care of all conversion. Keep in mind if you are paying $100, do not expect the exact amount to be deducted from your amount, it will always be higher because of your bank service tax, e.cess, and currency exchange cost. If today $1 = INR 56, you might be actually paying INR 60 per dollar in this case…you don’t have a choice. The amount from your credit card would be immediately deducted but you will get all related deductions details in the next 2 days.

Hope this helps.

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 I paid for the membership as USD 139, but in terms of INR, so much more (FCY Marksup fee, service tax and cess ) was deducted from my HDFC credit card. I am fearing the same will be the case for the exam fee. Is not there a way to pay by iNet account or the debit card, instead of credit cards??


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I recently heard about the International PG Certificate in Product Marketing & Product Management(ICPM) , You might find it useful

Credit cared is internationally valid for payment, you can do the payment in any currency through credit card. Also you can apply for PMP Exam through PMP Certification Training providing institutes in India.

Hi All,

I am trying to pay online for PMP exam fee, on below its hould show CVV number area, but i am unable to get

PMP Application : Step 2: Schedule Exam | Payment Details

i got following error when i put credit card number


An error occured processing your Credit Card. Please verify your information is correct and resubmit your order. The response from Verisign follows below: Declined: DECLINED CVV2


Could someone help how to pay exam fee online

Thanks, Ema


I am also facing the same problem. Got any solution ? 




Thank you for contacting the PMI EMEA Customer Service.


We are sorry to learn that you are experiencing difficulties with our online payment process.


If you would like to submit payment for the credential exam or credential renewal by a wire transfer, please follow these directions:


Please include your name, PMI ID or invoice number.


The applicable charges for the certification exam/renewal and applicable payments must be paid in US dollars. Please submit your information and payment, including important indentifying information, such as your name, PMI ID number or invoice number, by wire transfer to:


PMI's Wire Transfer Account Information:

Wells Fargo

217 W. Baltimore Pike

2nd Floor

Media, Pennsylvania 19063 USA

Phone: +1 610 891 1088

Fax: +1 610 891 1065

Account Number: 2014183097209

Routing Transit Number: 121000248

Swift Code: WFBIUS6S


While submitting online application form, is it required to mention last 3 projects starting from the current project. As my current work involves much of operational activities than project activities. However in my previous employment I did many projects.

Thanks in anticipation.


Thanks for sharing this very informative post. Thank you for the highlights. Truly it is useful thing.


keep on posting.

Furthering your job along with producing oneself more attractive to companies is actually having a positive option. Within the ever-changing entire world associated with pc research you will need to maintain references updated PMI-002. Several companies could even require that you achieve this. It is just a positive move in your job that can help you obtain the job you've got constantly needed.

By using an international Credit Card we can pay the fee online. Otherwise we can pay the Fee through any Globally Recognized PMP Training Institute .

Online learning is becoming more famous all over the globe.The review will let the people know about how they may get admission into this degree through online.There are many options of knowing the people know about how they can improve their quality of the life.

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We know that..

The difference of US$150 is enough to pay for the first year of the PMI membership fee. It is always advisable to take membership as it has many benefits.

Exam type:

Exam Cost:

Computer based Testing(CBT)

US$405 ( For PMI Members at the time of making payment)


US$555 (For Non PMI Members)

Paper Based Testing

US$205 ( For PMI Members at the time of making payment)


US$400(For Non PMI Members)

What will be batter way for PMP Exam between Computer based Testing(CBT) and Paper Based Testing.

PMP certification is one of the most globally recognized and acknowledged across various Industries.

To attend the PMP Certification exam you need 35 hours of Training which is conducted at REP’s( Registered Education Provider) who are registered with PMI.

Apply for PMP Certification Training with a REP training Centre in India, You can apply for various modes of Training i.e Online and Classroom, Here you can complete your mandatory 35 PDUs.
After the Training is complete you need to start preparing for your PMP Exam by attempting mock exams etc.

After you are done with your exam Preparation and are ready to take the exam, you can locate a “Prometric Centre” near your location or whichever location you wish to give the exam.
Prometric Centers are where Examination is conducted.

You can find the detailed Prerequisites and Eligibility Criteria here :

The Examination cost for the PMP Certification is
Member: US$405.00
Non-member: US$555.00