Exam in 10 days - Need Help Please!!!!!!

 I need expert guidance. I have my exam in 10 days and below are my scores and really thinking if I need to reschedule the exam or continue on....


Oliver Lehman 75 questions - 64%

http://passionatepm.articulate-online.com - 75%

 pm-abc.com - 63%

 http://www.preparepm.com/mock1.html - 77% (81 in the next try)

 Head first 200 questions pdf - 74%

 pmp for sure 100 questions - 60% :(

 http://www.examcentral.net/pmp/pmp-exam/exam - 76%

http://www.simplilearn.com - 69.1% 

brain bok first 50 - 60%

brain bok second 50 - 66%

scordo test 13 - 74%

PMSTUDY 1 free test - 66.29%

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scores in some of they key tests should be above 70% atleast..   I would say, you are almost prepared, but there are some gaps, due to which you are scoring low in some tests . Try to bridge these gaps in next 10 days, you should be able to make it.

 I agree with Admin, work hard down the stretch and focus on your weak areas. I passed with no BP's and only scored a 76% on Exam Central about 14 days before my exam, good luck!

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You are right on target!!

Take the mock exam in learning mode during last few days of actual exam, and don't get DISTRACTED by the score you get.

The aim should be to PASS, and not to master the subject.

Believe in self, and keep your spirits high. You will pass!!

Good Luck!!

Dear Googler, Admin and  focused2013, I attempted PMSTUDY second test today after gilling some gaps and scored 77.5%.


To my surprise, the exam questions seemed to be very easy when compared to the first exam. Please let me know your thoughts?

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This is true!! Someone said right "the PMP exam is not too tough not too easy".

You will learn by practice, and slowly you will start eliminating the wrong. Result - you will score more.

 Everyone has doubts going into the exam because we all question whether or not we did enough to prepare. Your scores are right in line with where I was prior to the exam and I passed with no BP's. most of my full length exams ranged 70-79%. I would advise to identify some gaps to focus on and know your formulas. 


Visualize yourself passing, believe in yourself and in your prep and pass the exam! Good Luck!



All - Thanks for all the encouragement . I just completed PMSTUDY4 and scored 72.5%


Please let me know.

 You are in good shape!