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Hi Guys,

I am prepraring for PMP and looking for new PMBOK 4 ITTOs,question/answers etc.Please post me helping material at



You can find free sample questions in online quiz format at following link:

Good luck with exam prep.


We love to see that. Anda bisa memesan jasa seo terbaik bergaransi halaman 1 google.

 Hello Fiaz 


Use the PMP simulation software by . They offer free pmp exam samples , The cost of the software is just $49 , I used it and it was realy close to real exam . 

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I got PMP Training from ProThoughts, they offer Rita Mulcahy 8th edition material, for more detail you can send inquire from here :

Hi Vinod -

Congratulations. I am in the process of preparing for my PMP. I would appreciate if you could forward the sample questions to


Hello All, Happy to share with you the news of getting PMP certified last week. it was challenging and feeling good after going through the exam trauma :Laughing

Do you have any training materials which you can share apart from the PMBOK 4th Edition which I have?

I have hard copy of PMP Guide by Paul Sanghera 4th Edition. Please let me know if you are interested to buy.

Please email me at





Can you share with us the time you spent and books that you referred for PMP? 


please send me u r email id

Hi ,

Can you share the 8th edition of Rita's book -

That would be a great help.

Please send me rita's 8th edition at

Could you please share PMP - Rita

email id -, thanks indeed

Hi Group,

If anyone from this forum is interested to sell the Rita Mulcahy guide 6th Edition and the exam CD do let me know so that I can buy. I will appreciate if you can mention the indicative prices too. I am in India and at present in Chennai.




Rita's PM FASTrack Exam Simulation Software has a single user license agreement attached to it. If you purchase it from someone who used it already, they will catch you and turn you into their infringement department for legal action and  you will not be able to even use the software you purchased. Best just to buy it new and save yourself the hassle.

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I am Deepthi,need u r help to crack pmp.Cn  ny one send me rita's pmp book to my mail response....

 Hi All

Do any of you have any PMP material that you can send across?



Hi Guys,

I have just decided to start studing for the certification exam and would appreciate any study info, questions, recommendations anyone has to offer.

Any material can be sent to


Thanks so much


Read PMBOK 4th edition and Paul Sanghera guide. I have hard copy if u are interested please let me know if you want.


Sastry Challa

Great....keep it up
bali tour package for couple


Here you can find 150+ free preparation questions, answers and explanation in simulation mode, so you can practice questions as much as you like.

More question and 200 question full exam coming soon.

Hope this helps.



 I am looking for PMP books.

Can someone let me know if you are planning to re-sell your books?



I passed in my firt attempt and attribute 50% success to PMZILLA. This is not becasue the tough questions exactly appeared as-is. When I though 2weeks ago, I was ready, I happened to attempt the tough qustions and awakened to the rude shock of 40%. This is becasue of how clever the questions were drafted. It demanded me to re-read and internalize the application of concepts. It set the tone to my preparation.

I sincerely thank PMZILLA and recommend their tough question package which is so economically priced to all PMP aspirants. 

I also plan to coallte all my resources and follow up this post before new year. Also try simplilearn and exam central(easier) for free 200 questions.


Thank again.

Are you referring to the "Final PMP Exam 200 touch questions" book.

 Hi Guys,


Does anyone have Softcopy of PMBOK 4th Edition? I really appreciate it.



 I can share it there

Hi Haritha I do have

Hi Everyone,

I have joined this site today only.I am planning to appear in PMP exam in May,2013.

Pls send me Notes and also  ITTOS (if any quick way ) on to learn and prepare for PMP




 Hii All,


Iam preparing for PMP Exam,can anyone please forward me 'Rita 7 Edn' pdf.

My EMail is





 Dear all,

I am new to this group and in interested in clearing my PMP certification on a urgent basis. Can anyone, please recommend me a good institute or help me with the starting things? My email is

Much appreciate your help.



I found this link to be very useful for PMP study. Its like a crash course that will begin in a months time, revising all concepts about PMP and also taking through the new PMBoK5 syllabus. They also are he cheapest and easiest way to get 35 contact hours. I am going to take this course.

Looking for some feedback. has anyone purchased the "Final PMP exam 200 tough questions" cost = $12.99  and how did you find it.

 Worth It, If you look at the feedbacks , LL on this forum, I have NOT heard a SINGLE bad review



I hv been trying to find the PMP certification exam training online... i hv gone through many sites for the PMP course but found only one which was great..

They are providing the 35 pdu's and online PMP training just at $49.. 

WizIQ has great trainer for their PMP certification course. i had some interaction with him during the live class in their free course about the PMBok 5 changes.

in the above course they will be conducting a Free Mocktest on 9th of june, in which you can access your preparation

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Wiziq is not REP of PMI.

Thats why they provide in $49.


 Does anyone have Softcopy of PMBOK 4th/5th Edition? I would really appreciate if you could share it with me at


Thanks for all the notes,esp for remembering the ITTO.

I had also taken the PMPForSure - Complete Package for $35. I found the questions to be quite close to the actuals.

I got MP for Intiation,Planning and Execution. and P for M&C and Closing.


Harish, PMP

Hi All,

A Very GoodMornig,

I'hd just regestered in this site,can some one let me know the process for enrolling and preapering for PMP.

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Added some 50 + points to Raga's 355. If interested the same can be downloaded from the following links

Thanks !!



Hi, I'm from Nigeria. Passed PMP on 29th. Read Kim Heldman and Rita. Skimmed through PMBOK.

Started studying intensely two months ago. Key for me was practising all Rita and Kim's questions at the end of the chapters. I failed Oliver's 75 questions, which had some questions which were not in PMP curriculum.

Hint for those who wanna pass at first attempt. Rita's book is harsh but it still remains the best. Never skip any of her exercises, games or mind-map. They help you remember things.

I'm so happy I can now have these three letter word behind my name.





Can someone please provide me a link to download Rita 8th edition and its questions?

please send u r mail id to


I will send 8th edition the link to your id

Can you please send rita 8th edition pdf to my mail id

hI gUYS,


I am looking PMP rita moulghay 8th edition.

I am ready to buy if could you provide Soft copy please

Please reply this email id :





I have Rita's 9th Edition PDF version. Please let me know if you still intersted to buy. $10.

 Dear All

There are many course materials, but how can I sure that these are all based on PMBOK5