PMZilla - Final PMP Exam


Updated as per Recent PMBoK 2016 Jan edition

Collection of 200 TOUGH Questions, (plus 100 bonus questions) so you can build the muscle you need before you take the REAL PMP test.

By Answering 200 questions you will discover several knowledge gaps, which other practice tests would not have offered. 

Do you want to buy thousands of PMP questions and waste your time.?  Quality over quantity is our mantra. 

What's there in the book:

  • 5 question sets, with special focus on weak areas like Risk management , Procurement management and Time management questions.
  • Some really good math questions.
  • Detailed explanation of each answer.
  • Lot of situational questions , which will help you as Project manager even if you were not taking PMP Exam.
  • A good benchmark - If you can score over 70% in this exam, we gurantee that you will pass the exam, or your money refunded. ! (Actually this test is tougher than real exam so even if you score 50-60% here you are above average )
  • Some questions will provoke thought and you will start thinking in the direction which may be helpful in the exam.
  • Basis of all the questions is PMBoK 5th Edition. 5% questions are outside PMBoK but these are absolutely required. Even when I took the exam I got 10-15 odd questions which were outside PMBoK
  • Questions are similar to FREE PMZilla Tests. however the book is much more improved, with detailed explanation and complete 200 questions. 





1. Make the payment and the ebook will be emailed to your in 8 to 24 hours or less.  Average response time is 3 hours.

2. For Faster processing after payment send email to mention your Transaction number. 


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Option 2 - Indian Currency

Price for Indian Users is Rs. 690. You can deposit this amount in ICICI bank current account (100705000142 , IFSC Code : icic0001007 ) Name: Tech Point India, Bangalore. You can use online transfer or cash deposit. Send Email to once you have sent the money.



100s of Testimonials right here on PM Zilla:


PMZILLA tough 200 question the real champion out of the lot. Some questions are close too. The compilation is great and comprehensive. I am able to score 62 in the bonus 75 and 69 in the tough 200 questions. this is the last questions I took and it is ever-lasting experience. Kudos, for the great work.


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Ankur Gupta

I must say PMZilla tough 200 questions were very helpful

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Before exam I have taken PMZilla Final PMP Exam (200 tough questions…. Guys, the questions compilation is excellent, I endorse this product, as benefit-cost ratio is too high.

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PMZilla tough questions which was really tough and while doing I was again forced to read PMBOK. Its a really eye opener.

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Pmzilla Final PMP Exam (200 tough questions) - finally day before the exam I attempted mock exam of pmzilla's 200 questions ... indeed very helpful! and a bit tougher than the actual exam

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Good collection of questions. Key to success in PMP, I feel, is practicing lot of quality questions but not just from single source.


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PMzilla 200 tough questions gave me the required patience to tackle the big day.

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PMZilla 200 Tough Questions: Good One. Solved one time.

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My regret is that I discovered PMZilla too late! ..... the quality is good. Worth buying. Few questions are pretty similar to the real PMP questions, .... I've learnt quite a number of concepts that helped me to score in PMP.... The detailed explanation in the answer also helped correct a lot of my thinking process, which help me tremendously in gaining confidence and the right "tactic" when choosing the most appropriate answers in PMP. 

Chandra PMZilla's FINAL PMP EXAM contains good quality questions and it’s worth the money  --  
Sunvar PMZILLA Mock test :  This test is the one which gave me the insight to know the second layer thinking  
Testimonial by Ram
raysobi I bought an e-book exam, 200 PMP tough questions, and I’m glad I did! My scores were 60%, but it is a tad harder than the real exam. I highly recommended buying the packet 
Imran I passed PMP today morning. The PMZilla's EBook helped me to answer difficult situational questions.

And many more of such you will find on this website. 

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 PMZilla Final PMP exam test quility is excellent superb. It clear concept .

the exam was a very good review of the PMBOK material.



Gulab Chand Tejwani


Hi Admin,

Yesterday I made the payment through Net banking. But didnt get the questions so far. Please let me know ?

I sent email to admin also.


PMZilla test Quality of questions is really good and it forces one to think through the question, and it attributes towards better preparation since it tests concepts at a finer level Also its good to clear the concepts.

I cleared the PMP yesterday.  Only after going through PMZilla's FINAL PMP EXAM, I got the confidence that I can take the exam and pass.  Well prepared questions and answers.  I am glad I bought the questions.

I purchased the exam a few hours ago and I'm ready to take the test now. When will I get it?


I also bought the PMzilla exam papers thru google account few minutes back. When should i expect the papers to me?

admin's picture

Even though turn around time is 24 hours, all orders are usually cleared in 4 to 6 hours.

Thanks, are the papers emailed to me or sent thru hard copies? please also confirm.

i got the pm zilla papers

This exam is really tough! This was the last sample paper i did before my examination and i scored 48%. I did not make this a deterant as I went into this practice exam with the mind set it would be near impossible to score really high based on what has been advertised.

Previous Sample paper results:

PM Study exam number  4:  59%

Exam Central: 75%

Exam Central: 70%


PMP examination wrote on August 20th 2011 and CLEARED! The actual exam was actually much easier that the PMZilla's tough questions guaranteed. Thanks Guys


Christian Joseph, MBA, PMP


I am taking the test in late feb, should I purchase this one now or wait until later?

Any ideas on this admin?

admin's picture

 As recommended, first you should complete the readings and some FREE practice tests before you take the PMZilla test. If you have done that you can even buy it now. 

Decided to go ahead and purchase the pmzilla exam so I can have it on hand whenever I feel the urge to sit down for a 2 hour test.


After I finish the other tests of course.  Thanks for your help, support, and guidance Admin.


Now, just waiting on your email :)

 hi, i just bought the book, when will i receive it?


I just recieved my ebook. It says that it is registered to 1 user only. Does that mean that I cannot put this on my computer AND iPad?

Just made a payment. Please send me this book.



Please send me the exam. Thank you.


Done the payment and sent email yesterday, could you send the ebook?


Many Thanks,


I've purchased using Paypal (acc: yesterday. Can you tell me when will I receive material ?



Thanks guys!!

This questions really helped me to clear the exam on my first attempt.

Here is some more details:


I have paid the amount for 200 free questions today morning.By when i will get the questions




I have bought the questions, can you please send me the book ASAP.


I made my payment through Paypal on 1st March, but i did not receive any e-mail or the questions yet.

can you please provide the book/document ASAP? 

Thank you!



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Not sure if you are getting my emails. The ebook was sent on 5th March itself, check you spam box , I can send you again.

 PMZilla Final PMP exam test quality exam is excellent.The information given in the blog about the tutuorials of the exam looks good.Expecting related topic about this exam.Keep sharing.Waiting for new posts. go to this site


I have paid for 200 questions ..Please email me the same to .

Thank you
Hari Dutt Sharma

Is there an alternate payment method to google wallet and paypal? 

I have just paid for the ' 200 tough questions' on PMP, pl expedite the despatch.

Hi Admin,

I would like to buy this PMZilla Final PMP Book and have sent you a mail to in this regard. Could you please reply asap.