Exam on the 18th - Took 3 pmstudy exams, think I'm ready?

Here are the results of my 3 paid practice exams:

Practice Exam 1:   69.14%

Practice Exam 2:   74.29%

Practice Exam 3:   77.14%

I'm going to take the 4th one over the weekend.

What do you guys think?  Am I probably in good shape to pass on Monday?


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 i just cleared PMP exam on 14 Mar and the exam was not closed to any mocktest like PMStudy or Rita.So do not depend much on Pmstudy, let ' see it as a normal resource

is it close to oliver lehman ??  

 I have to disagree with duongnt, I passed the PMP last week and I have done the first and second tests from PMStudy and I found them to be very helpful and very close to the realy exam. They are not the same but close. I scored around 73 on both exams and successfuly passed the exam.

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guys, the exam is not close to PMStudy or Rita, but the questions will help you to prepare for Real Exam. Oliver questions are way off the real pmp, but the quality is good and it will help you understand some concepts.

Please take mock exam from different sources, dont just rely on one source. Try to diversify so you will be able to solve different types of questions.

 How did it go???.