Exam in 2 weeks!!

Hi everybody!

I am taking the PMP exam in two weeks. I have gone through Rita's manual, the PMBOK and Kim Heldman study guide. I have been scoring an average of 87% on Rita's questions and 79% on PMPerfect exams. You guys think that is reliable?? Any more accurate predictors??Thanks a lot for every input.


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Hi Josemi

You can take some free tests too check the good ones at  http://pmzilla.com/pmp-exams-and-resources-pmp

If you are concerned then I can even advise that you take PMZIlla 200 tough questions and if you can score 50-60% there you would be well prepared



 Try the 4 practice exams from pmstudy.com.

They are very close to the actual exam.  I think if you can score an average of 75% to 80% on those, you should pass the exam.

Good luck.

Hi Josemi,

Go through your final notes & read the question & options couple of times before selecting the right answer. Follow “RITA” trick by reading options from bottom (D) to top (A)

Good Luck!

Sreenivas PMP