Quality related question

Came across this Oliver Lehmann question

A project management team has subcontracted work to a service company. Which of the following tools is the best choice to assure that this company will be able to meet the quality requirements of the project?
A)  Quality audit
 B)  Deliverable inspection
 C)  Fixed price contract 
 D)  Service level agreement

The correct ans is A.

However, considering that this is contracted to a company, I reasoned that the right answer would have been B) as Inspection and Audit of deliverables is a TT of Administer Procurements. Your views on this please.........




Since the question is asking about the tool that will ASSURE QUALITY REQUIREMENT, I assume it’s related to ensure that, they are following the quality standards, which is done during perform quality assurance.

One of the QA T&T, is Quality Audit!

I just learned that its a service company therefore deliverable wont suits here.


Hence, Quality Audit could be a right choice. 

 The answer should be A -Quality Assurance. Performing quality audit will also ensure if there are quality control measurements in place in the service company or not.  One of the inputs to quality assurance is quality control measurements.   Hence, during quality audit, this will be verified.  Well, also as it is a procurement, the scope will be verified as part of scope verification and acceptance provided to the service company.

expected answer is A Ok but in fact quality audit is a process not a tool so it's really confusing. Sometime each word is very important to set the right answer and sometime not... Not easy..