Passed on May 14/10

Finally made it through the exam.

Not as bad as I had expected but picked up lots of tips here.

Since I have been in IT 20 years had breadth of experience to rely on.

Math questions were easy.

Watch out for the misdirection questions where there is extraneous info in the question.   Always ask yourself what are they asking for exactly and where in the process are you.   Beginning, middle or end.

Read Rita's book and then did questions and re read weak areas.   Never did read PMBOK beginning to end.   But again I have been around the block and back around a few times.

Did a gazillion of test questions and read through forums explaining issues and how to interpret and solve questions.






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Congratulations Timex...

I think it's the first thing when some one pass the exam, Go to the same forum where started from and share the happiness.

We will be waiting and are expecting a detail Lesson Learned and Tips.