12 Days until PMP EXAM!!!

What should the lag time be between taking mock tests?

Take as much test as possible for next 11 days, do not go by any lag time. While you attempt test and note down the weak areas, note them down in some paper to make notes.

One day before the PMP exam – DO NOT take any exam, just read the PMBOK IITO pages, summery and your self made notes.

Good luck.

Saket, PMP

Thank you, I'm also started to get anxiety as passing this exam is a requirement to keep my job. :-(

HI Brittann, email to SEKHAR.PAVANI@gmail.com  , some of the study material i recieved from him was mind blowing and very well prepared, spend some more time on Integration management outputs, Project charter, contract types, PM conflict resolution techniques, Best of luck.


I'll send an email.

I also have these mock tests in mind:

PMPSTUDY 1st test

More questions from PMPforsure

Oliver Lehman




50 Formula test from Brainbok along with their ITTO, Process and Glossary  practice quizes,


What are your thoughts? I want to take the most challenging mock tests and am well prepared for the exam!

Dear Future PMPs,

First of all thank you very much for your interest in my Notes and Dump sheet. Here is the link to the Dump Sheet that everyone is reffering to. By the way, this dump sheet might get you through the exam by saving some time and in dealing with ITTOs, however I strongly encourage you all to understand the concepts and use this dump sheet.


 You can also watch the discussion thread, 'These two phrases worth 40 ITTOs. (This worked for me and many)'.

I have shared my notes with many and currently spending some time regfining the content. I will reques admin to post that notes as soon as I finihsed working with that Notes. (I also have to check with my friends to make sure that they do not have any issue with me publishing the content on Internet).

It has been a year since I completed my PMP.  (Thanks to PMZilla). I was silent learner at that time. As soon as I am PMP, I decided to share my tips with PMP aspirants.

Thanks to many Management Gurus who keep me coming back and check their valuable input in this website.

Currently I am working on PMP ACP certification, ITIL...Etc. I will have some thing to share soon.

Good Luck!!

Raj Pavani,PMP

Do free test from  www.edwel.com too.

Skim through PMBOK Glossary-->Common acronyms and definitions. This would immediately pin out anything you missed out of your study and prepration.

Also Skim through Rajesh Nair's notes ImpPoints-1,2,3 and 4.

Dont try memorizing every term, just skim once or twice in final prepration days, Best thing is that right answer to question is given in choices so you actually recall the answer looking at the choices there, so no need to stress memorizing.

Read where all you can use montecarlo , pert and what all techniques comes under group discussion. Try not to mark many questions for review later. this would ease your stress towards end of exam (You'll be able to concentrate on remaining questions rather than running through remaining ones in orter to chase the marked ones).

I Marked only 3 in total as i used to spend some time on question and ensure that i'll not be able to find better choice even if i come back later.