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I am planning to appear for the PMP exam next month. I am using Rita and PMBok guide, plan to read and understand them a couple of times before the exam. I am able to devote 4 hrs/day and 10 hrs on weekends. Apart from this, I plan to complete atleast 5 mock tests before the exam. Is this kind of study approach risky? Any suggestions or tips if I need to extend my timeline?



It all depends on your PM experience coupled with your understanding on PMBOK, ITTOs, Maths etc.


Warmly, KK...

It depends on what all preparations you have done so far and how much you have gained. In general these preparations work for most of the people:

1. PM knowledge acquired from PMBOK with one/two reference books. More emphasis on PMBOK and its IITO. You might need to read and understand PMBOK couple of times for this.

2. Take around 2500-3000 practice questions. Try to take test from multiple sources so that variations in tone, language, sentences help you to become more robust.

3. Keep revision notes like IITO, PMBOK summery etc

You, as an individual can plan these, whether you do these in a month or 4, its up to your ability and competency. Please do not hurry for the PMP exam, have patience and once you feel comfortable and confident, then give the PMP exam.

Saket, PMP

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Mac,  Your plan is good. The mock tests will tell you how well prepared you are for the final exam. 5 mock tests should be good if you take the reputed ones. There are some tests like headfirst etc. which are very easy and one gets an illusion of being prepared for final exam. Make sure you read some LL here and decide which 5 you want to take.

 Thanks for the suggestions...I will stick to my plan and hope everything turns good...



Hey MAC,

Which all 5 test you plan to take? Are they free one?

- JB