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       I have been preparing for my exam and scheduled my PMP exam on 25th July of this month and my application is expiring on 31July and my test scores are around 65% on an average ,should i reschedule my exam?I have paid for the PMI membership and since my applications is going to expire i have to resubmit my application and also pay cancellation fees if i cancel and need suggestions ,should i take a change and write the exam or should i reschedule it.Please advice.

PMStudy Test 1- 61%

PMStudy Test 2 - 65%

Oliver - 72% (175 Q)

Head First - 75%(200 Q)



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If you are not confident you should reschedule. No point in going through the pain of failing and re-appearing. Your scores are average, and it seems like you need more practice.

Hi Sunny,


You are not left with many options except to appear and get a 1st person's account on the exam. In any case your 1 year period is getting over and you have also paid the fees, hence, you dont even have the luxury of rescheduling.


Practice PMBOK Glossary and ITTOs. You never know as you might clear. Instead of forfeiting the complete amount by trying to re-schedule when you cant, please go and appear with your head held high.


As I said, you just never know.


All the v v best!!!


Warmly, KK....

Hi Sunny,

Totally agree with KK. You have no choice, hence treat this as opportunity. Study hard. You can turn around the results. Mock test scores are not too bad.

If you choose to reschedule, you will have to reapply.

Wish you all the best.


I agree with Admin, you are not in a good comfortable shape. You have just 7 days now. As I understand, you will be hit by lots of financial issues by not giving exam in next 10 days. I do not see any issue in trying as you are little away from pass borderline i.e. 10% and these 10% gaps can be removed in 6 days of time provided:
1. You are able to dedicate like 4 hours daily
2. Take around 100 questions from some good source and for each wrong answer refer PMBOK for reference
3. Read PMBOK important IITO pages and also look at summery pages
4. DO NOT try any mock test one day before the exam, just revise IITO and summery.

Give it a try.

Saket, PMP

Hi Sunny,


As SS says no QAs before and I totally I agree. I failed because of this.


Why dont you try free 100 questions on PMPforsure.com


Lets see what happens.


Warmly, KK....

Hi Sunny,

Please go ahead with examination.

Below is my experience which would help :

1) Do not waste more time in taking up free sample tests as it will consume more time considering you have only 6 days of time.

2) As mentioned by other members on this forum, please go through rajesh nair's notes (excel sheet) and also the ITTO's.

3) Also please ensure you go through Glossary items in the PMBOK4, so that you can more questions right on the exam if you understand which each word (process, tool & tech) means.




And you might pass even with 3 BPs. Right Kedarji?


Warmly, KK...