Exam in 2 days - Please Help


I am writing my PMP exam for the second time in 2 days. I have been studying very hard for the last month and half…. I read Rita’s 7th edition, PM Study notes and my own notes but for some reason, I just cannot go past 50% in all the mock tests I have been doing and the funny thing is that I never get my marks below 50% either… I am kind of stuck in the middle.


I have been reviewing all my notes and going over everything but any further help would be much appreciated.


Thanks a lot.

Hi sk1982, don't take any more test. Just revise the last of PMBOK (Glossary), ITTOs, some important formulas. That's it. Be confident and think positive. You will rock! All the v v best! Warmly, KK...

You should not be asking for anyone else advice 2 days before the actual exam. You should just stick to your plan and revise what you have studied and gained so far. Do not try to read anything new and just focus on revision especially PMBOK and its IITO & summery pages. Keep in mind you can pass PMP exam with around 70% marks and hence do not run to achieve award of 100% perfection in these 2 days. Good Luck!

Saket, PMP