Application Audit

Hi All,

My Application has been selected for audit. Please advice how to go about it.




You will receive instructions from PMI. Get the signatures from the PM you have mentioned in your application, attach necessary PDU proof and send it to PMI through courier. You will receive all these instructions from PMI.

Saket, PMP

I cleared my PMP audit on 14th June, 2012. I was asked to provide the following:

1. Experience audit forms need to be taken a print out of. Put each one of them in a separate envelope. Get them signed from the Manager mentioned in the form or anyone above in the reporting hierarchy of that Manager. Signatures should be both on the form and across the envelope.

2. Take print out of your degree certificate and put it in an envelope

3. Arrange evidence for your 35 contact hours for project management education and again put in an envelope.

Speed Post (cheapest & reliable but will take 8-10 days)/Courier(expensive but fast) the envelopes together to US.

If genuine, then audit deptt. will clear your audit in < 7 days. You'll receive an email confirming the same and the credentials to book your exam.

NOTE: For any specific clarification call the PMP helpline numbers in your country.





Hi All,

Today I recieved intimation from PMI that my application was selected for AUDIT.


I need to send them Experience verification forms signed by respective managers, Education verification and PDU certicate. Could someone please help me with below questions I have?


1. Experience verification - I have 3 project experiences including my current project. Do I need sealed envelop from eachof the manager?? When you say sealed, doe sit mean they have to fillthe application, sign it and send in a separate envelop?? PMI site says - A manager, supervisor, or colleague who is intimately familiar with the experience on your application is required to review your Experience Record and then complete the Experience Verification Form. After they verify, they will put the completed Experience Verification Form and Experience Record in an envelope, sign his/her name over the sealed flap of the envelope, and return the envelope to you via in person or by mail. If one person is verifying multiple projects for the same company, they can fill out one form and initial or highlight on the Experience Record the projects that they are verifying. Faxed or scanned forms will not be accepted as the forms need to be placed in a sealed and signed envelope for security purposes. No substitutions will be accepted. 

What is the Experience record??? Where can I get it?

For my current project, my manager works along with me in same location, does he still need to send me the signed form by post or can i get it signed here and put in an envelop myself?


2. 35 hours Training - I have chapter wise certificate for this training so Do i need to print each of this certificate and send this bunch in a separate envelop? Do I need to Sign on these certificates?


3. Educational verification - Do I just need Copy of my bachelor degree in a separate envelop?


Please help me guys as I am in the peak of my studies and do not wish to spend a lot of time on this process.

Congratulations! that your AssignmentMan buy assignment application has been selected for the final audit. Well to be honest now this process is a little dangerous as this will finalize that your application will be pass or fail. So lots of best wishes to you!