BAC question

When you see a question that starts like this:


You are starting a new 2,000,000 construction project...blah blah blah, and you need to solve for EV but they don't specifically give you the BAC can you assume that BAC is 2,000,000?




You need to state the problem verbatim.  From whatever little info you gave my comment is :

This $2,000,000 is the Planned Value (PV).  BAC comes into picture for budget forecasts



well, I don't remember the exact question but say it was asking me to solve for eac and they gave me enough values to figure out CPI but then I also needed to figure out BAC to compete the equation.

I was confused as to what the 2,000,000 represented? 


In my formula table I don't have anything for BAC=


Sorry if my expenation is all over the place. I  had no problem with all the other math problems