Who manages resources in Matrix Organization

Who manages the resources in a matrix organization?

A.  Senior management
B.  Functional managers
C.  Project managers
D.  Human resources

Please also explain briefly, thank you all for the helpful info.

I will go with 'A'- Senior Management. "Resources" is a broad term that includes People, budget, equipment and Senior Management is in overall control of these aspects.  They may delegate part of it to Functional Managers, HR, Project Managers etc but all other 3 choices do manage only a portion of the resources and Senior Management has the ultimate say in shifting the resources as they see it appropriate. Also everybody has to approach Senior Management for additional resources when things go beyond their scope.



I will go for B. Since in a matrix organisation resources are managed by Functional Manager

I thought:

Strong matrix: power rests on PM

Weak matrix: Power rests on Functional mgr

Matrix org, i thought it is both Functional mgr and PM.

Here is the explanation:

Who manages the resources in a matrix organization?

A. Senior management
B. Functional managers
C. Project managers
D. Human resources
The functional manager has resource responsibilities in a matrix organization. In this type of organizational structure, the project manager must work with the functional managers to secure resources for a project. If you were tempted to choose 'C', keep in mind that the project manager primarily manages the project. The benefit of a matrix organization is that the project manager does not need to divert as much attention to managing the resources as he or she would in a projectized organization.




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I am not upset with your Q's.  I like these challenges to keep fine tuning but that fine tuning of my thought process is not happening as my thought process is stuck in a 'wrong' way (99% of the time while naswering your Qs.  Of course it could be a small fraction in real PMP scenario or could be a gigantic portion).  Pl. keep posting such type of thought provoking Qs.


Chandra,  The questions in pmstudy.com are not poorly worded like these questions.So i suggest you take the free exam of pmstudy.com. I have seen your answers in pmhub as well as in pmzilla. I guess you are good to clear PMP

Please always think interms of PMBOK .

As per PMBOK  in a matrix environment it is always important for PM

a)to have Functional manager as stake holder and FM should be available during Project Management plan approval

b) Negotiate with FM for resource with required skills ( check HumanResource chapter)

May be some times I tend to over analyze.  I am able to eliminate 2 out of 4 choices comfortably in these tricky situations but the remaining probability of 0.5 is working against me.





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