Procurement Mgmt process question

Which process group creates the contract change control system?

A.  Initiating
B.  Planning
C.  Executing
D.  Monitoring and Controlling 

I chose D: Monitoring and controlling.

But the answer it is showing is C: as executing process group.

I know the tool contract change control system is used under administer procurement process(Monitoring / controlling group process).

For that reason chose D as my answer. but the system is showing C: executing process group as the answer.

Also checked the PMBOK guide, it clearly shows only one piece of info connected to administer procurement process.




It is one of the components of the contract document (Change Request Handling).

The contract document is created in the executing process group

The Qusetion is poorly worded.  I would have chosen ' Planning' - Not 'Executing', Not ' M&C' because neither of these processes create a 'system'.  System is a set of guidelines and procedures adhered to when faced with a situation.  During Process group you visualize all possible scenarios and address them how to deal with them.  Both executing & M&C processes produce Change Requests but both of them go through Change Control System developed in the planning process and fill the needed forms, provide the explanation/justification for the requested change and route the Change Request through the relevant stake holders with authority to approve/reject and then only implement those changes.  Those changes can be design related or cost related or quality related or procurement contract related- or communication related  or Scope related ( all of these have an output: change requests and all of these change requests are output of either executing process or M&C process in each knowledge area) does not matter- Change Control System covers all the bases.  If you look under Administer Procurements, the T&T is ' Change Control System' - not an output.  The output of Planning is : Projet Management Plan which has Change Control  System as a part of it.