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 Hello - I have my exam scheduled for next week but i am suffering with EV and Pert questions. Even thought i understand the concept and know the formula's very well. I guess the reason is that i am not good in Maths. I am looking for some of Mathematical questions which i can practice more and more. 

Does anyone have any sort of such material?

Also whats the percentage of Ev questions in the Exam?

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Thanks In Advance


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quick remedy  use the below url


CN Patil


can you please share printable version of Rajesh Nair notes to





 This is not any Algebra or Vectors or Probability or Calculus or Trigonometry Math :)

It’s straight forward Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division for which exam provides calculator.


And my friend cnppmb suggested in the URL he has posted in his comment, is good practice tests.

So basically as long as you understand what EV (Earned Value), PV (Planned Value) Or AC (Actual Cost) is you are golden J

A quick to remember

Earned Value is like Monthly Salary i.e. your earning

Planned Value is like your Monthly Budget

Actual Cost is like your Monthly Expenditure

Using above analogy

Monthly Salary is LESS than Monthly Expenditure its BAD

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 Most math questions are here on PMZilla Question bank forum.