Collect Requirements

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 Midway through the Collect Requirements process, a project manager finds that there are lots of unresolved issues. Which od the following is usually the best way to DISCOVER and RESOLVE issues?

A. Interviewing

B. Use of Stakeholder Register

C. Focus Groups

D. Facilitated Workshops

D is the best, as faciliated workshops are with Cross-functional stakholders and help discover and resolve issues.

I also support this answer.

Facilitated Workshops can bring the views of Cross functional requirements which were missed out and this can be incorporated in the requirement documentation

The question here is about unresolved issues.

Facilitated Workshops bring cross-functional stakeholders on a common platform to discuss and reach agreements. This is especially critical for  consensus building and when issue resolution is required with inputs from multiple stakeholders.

goin with C, 

 Answer D



.3 Facilitated Workshops

Requirements workshops are focused sessions that bring key cross-functional stakeholders together

to define product requirements. Workshops are considered a primary technique for quickly defi ning

cross-functional requirements and reconciling stakeholder differences. Because of their interactive group

nature, well-facilitated sessions can build trust, foster relationships, and improve communication among

the participants which can lead to increased stakeholder consensus. Another benefi t of this technique is

that issues can be discovered and resolved more quickly than in individual sessions.

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Correct Ans is D.