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A project manager has made the final delivery to the customer and the team is in the process of completing administrative and contract closure. The team has also completed final version of lesson learned in corporate database. Which of the following is a critical activity that the project manager should complete before formally closing the project?

  A. Confirm that all the requirements in the project are met
  B. Ensure that all project management processes are complete
  C. Obtain formal sign off of the project form the customer
  D. Index and archive the project records

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D is the only thing pending. From the way question is worded, it seems signoff etc are already done.

The question asks what critical activity project manager should complete. The team has made final delivery to customer. Where is customer acceptance? For me "c" is best answer.

The answer to this would be Option D.

You can not  formally close the  the project untill you will not index or archive, as this is the last and imp step in D is the correct answer

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Whenever you answer a Question based on the Process Group. You should know the steps involved in that Process Group.Since this Question is related to the Closing Process Group:

So let's see the Steps involved in The Closing Process Group:

1: Formalize Final Acceptance.

2: Obtain Finacial, Legal and Administrative Closure.

3: Release Project Resources.

4: Communicate Lesson Learned.

5: Distribute Final Closure Report.

6: Archive Project Records, Historical Information and Documents.

7: Measure Customer Satisfaction.

Now let's Look at the Question and it's Answers:

Q: The Question has Four Parts:

1: Final Deliverable has been sent to the Customer and we don't know whether it's accepted or not and what's the current state. "But"

2: The Team is in the Process of Administrative and Contract Closure "and"

3: The Team has completed the Final Version of the Lesson Learned

4: What Critical Activity Left for the PM before Formally Closing.?

The Answer is in the Question itself, If you look closely at the first part of the Question, We don't know what happend to the final deliverable sent to the customer but in the  second part it described by itself that the team is completing the Administrative and Contract Closure which explains the First Part that the deliverable has been accepted by the customer and that's why the team move to the Administrative and Contract Closure, If the deliverable was not accepted or a Change Request is initiated by the Customer at least the Contract cannot be closed either internally or with externel Vendors if involved in the Project. Also the Third Part made it more clear that the Team completed the Final Version of Lesson Learned and I think Part 3 clear everything.

Now in Part 4 what's left. (We have to choose the answer for this in the Answer's Given. )


A: All the requirements have been fullfilled that's why the team created the Final Version of Leasson Learned and are now completing the Administrative and Contract Closure.

B: If you are in the Closing Process, It means you have followed every process and even if the Project is terminated before getting the desired results, You don't care to follow the Executing or Montioring and Controlling Process. You can simply Bypass them and move direcct to the Closure Process Group.

C: If this has not been done, The Team Member's would wait for the Final Version of the Lesson Learned and not completing the Administrative and Contract Closure. This has been done and since the remaining resouces need to be released from the Project, That's why they are giving the final touches to the Project by Completing the Administrative Closure Procedure and Final Lesson Learned has already been completed, So Whats Left.

Correct D: The Project Manager is waiting to Index and Archive the Project Records and is waiting for the feedback from the Team Member to complete the Final Administrative and Contract Closure Procedure.


I hope I am able to answer the Question.

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Dear PMP Guru,

Thanks for such a long explanisation. But I say answer is "C". The question doesn't say administrative closure process is completed. The team have started the process infact. The final diliverables have been sent to customer, where is customer approval, where is formal sign off. Without that process can not be completed. I will go with "C".

Pradeep Sodha, PMP


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Thanks pradeepsodha for the appreciation and disagreement :)

(I think I explained it quite clearly)

I agree with you (I may go with your Answer only if the Question didn't had these sentences (see the explanation below please))


Can you Please check the Question again. 

The Team has completed the Final Version of LL in Corporate Database .

The Team is in the Process of Completing Administrative and Contract closure.

What do you think, If the Sign Off has not been done and the Customer ask for a Change or Something, Will it be worth mentioning in the Question that Final Version of LL is completed.

What do you think, If the Sign Off has bot been done and the customer ask for a Change or Something, Will the team move on to completing the Administrative and Contract closure.

Please look again to my Previous explanation.

Kind regards,

The PMP Guru