Cleared PMP:26th April

 I am obliged to this forum for those valuable LL posts which helped me clear this exam today. Here is my lessons learnt, and I hope this helps for those who plan to take up the exam:

>Read PMBOK once, and Rita twice (once thoroughly, and just skimmed through the second time)

>Read the 'glossary' section in PMBOK 3 times. It really helped me in the exam, although no direct questions were asked from it.

>Did not memorize ITTO. Got 2-3 direct questions on them, but could answer them purely based on logic.

>Prepared for 2.5 months, 2 hours a day, and 4-5 hours every weekend. 

>Got may questions with calculations, but found only 1 question tough, and that too because of want of time.

>Got P in two, and MP in all the others.

>I did not manage time well though. I had 50 questions left with 35 mins remaining. But I guess the others will manage this much better than I did. I did complete all the questions though, but did not have time to review.

>Practise as many sample questions as you can, give the 200q tests and get accustomed as much as possible. However, the actual exam questions are somewhat different from what we see online, but they are good practise material nevertheless.

All the best to you folks, and revert with questions, if any.



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Congratulations on your PMP :)

Are there multiple choice questions on the exam?

More than one choice is correct..

Please let me know.


I mean questions like this (See Choice E)

152) Cost of quality is a concept that includes:

  1. the cost necessary for ensuring conformance to requirements

  2. the life cycle cost of the project

  3. all research and development costs related to the project

  4. only the cost of the quality control function

  5. A and B

The actual PMP exam has only 4 choices to select from.